Liberate Your Potential

Signature Deep Healing Retreats & Emotional Liberation

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Learn how to safely and gradually access and resolve painful or even traumatic experiences from your past to transform your pain into your most powerful agent of liberation. Because healing is no longer optional!


Breakthrough layers of denial and defense to re-learn the language of your heart. There is nothing more powerful than a human being re-connected to and guided by his awakened heart. Because love heals everything!


There is no bigger currency than personal sovereignty and the living in one’s pure essence aligned with one’s truth. The world needs you as a leader, fully alive, fully awake and fully feeling. Because it’s time to step up!

I was at the lowest point in my life when I came to the retreat and I didn’t know where to go from there. I thought I needed to find a way out, only to realize that I actually needed to find a way in. Aleah helped me find the way back into my heart and from there I can go anywhere.


You’re Not The Only One

We all want the same thing. Epic heartfelt and sincere relationships, orgasmic aliveness, joy and happiness. For many individual reasons, however, we get further and further away from what we truly desire. Opening our hearts is never easy, especially when the barbs of trauma suffocate one’s inner world.

However, now more than ever, we are asked to step up and do the necessary deeper inner healing work that allows us to break free from herd mentality, conditioned limiting beliefs and the inability to live free from shame, fear and insecurities. 

Whatever your story or desires are, we invite you to a pure exceptional human experience where you will be able to enter the oceanic depths of your inner world meeting the long lost aspects of who you are alchemising them into your personal jewels of gold.

Emotional Recycling

Based on Aleah & Dan’s more than two combined decades of experiences and the participation & training in various healing and growth modalities they have given birth to a unique deep healing approach called Emotional Recycling. Every negative emotional state in the end is a perceived disconnection from feeling loved and worthy. 

Those feelings are very painful and due to our lack of the tools to process such painful feelings turn into anger, depression, addictions and deep loneliness. We even find ourselves unloading them onto the people we love out of sheer hopelessness. Emotional recycling on the other hand offers us a clean approach that allows for taking full responsibility and therefore deep healing and liberation to happen. 

It is based on a methodology that considers the importance of life’s triggers as an entry point leading all the way back to our unresolved original pain. It includes the careful working through layers of shame and defenses and elaborates on the expression and exposure of the correspondent feelings.

In the last stages of a healing cycle  we allow the gut-wrenching grief of our unmet needs to be fully felt before we sew up the wound with the pure frequency of love as the most powerful healing agent.

Begin Your Journey

The Royal Path Coaching Experience

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For a limited amount of 1 to 1 clients, Aleah and Dan offer signature coaching packages for your personal break-through journey. Getting coached personally by Aleah and Dan is a unique experience and acts as a powerful accelerator providing powerful positive transformation.

The Royal Path Retreat Experience

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Experience Aleah and Dan in one of their exclusive retreats where they take you on a “deep-dive” transformational journey back into the deepest wisdom of your heart. The group exposure might seem challenging, however, in return for your courage you will get a pure exceptional human experience resulting in a deepened understanding of what it means to be human.

I have done many, many different therapies before and I’m a practiced therapist myself, and I tell you it’s not easy to find people who can guide you deeper into your core and help you to let go of those really painful and shameful things that are hidden in the deepest of depth. Aleah can. With her compassion, clarity and simple holding to the truth. She is the perfect guide on the journey from darkness to light. I’m truly impressed with her work.


Ready For Liberation?


Schedule A Call

We invite you for a personal and confidential video call with either Aleah or Dan where we learn about your situation and your desired outcome. The call will already offer you great insight and will allow us both to feel into each other and understand if we are the right match to safely embark on a powerful journey together.


Receive Clarity

After our call you will know precisely what to expect when possibly embarking on The Royal Path with us. You will learn about which solution will support you best on your current journey and if you agree you will also receive an offer in the form of our coaching contract where you find all details necessary to make an empowered decision. 


Start Your Journey

If you said yes to a potentially life-changing journey, you will receive our Royal Path intake questionnaire and a little surprise directly deliver to your doorstep. It is our heartfelt thank you for choosing us to start your adventure. If on the other hand it was not (yet) the right time for you, you are invited to make use of our free online resources to support you as much as we possibly can.

Meet The Creators

For the past 15 years, Aleah Ava & Dan Hart, founders of The Royal Path, have been engaging consciously in the personal growth and deep healing realm. Their back- grounds consist of participation and education in a multitude of spiritual and therapeutic courses and retreats such as Primal Therapy, Conscious Sexuality, Tantra & Tantra Therapy, Inner Child Work, Original Pain-work, Family Constellations and various forms of meditation living life in a heightened state of awareness. 

It is their fearless willingness to continuously dive deeper into the essence of their own being that created the deep understanding and great sensitivity to the dynamics of human nature, relationships and the realm of healing.

Aleah & Dan have been in a relationship for almost 7 years consciously walking and practicing the path of authentic and intimate relating before letting go of their relationship container. They both set off on their individual journey to implement the learnings to later re-unite as trustful and inspired business partners based on a purely platonic friendship.

Their work is highly inspired by the teachings of: John Bradshaw, Arthur Janov, Marianne Williamson, Brené Brown, David Deida, Bert Hellinger and Jiddu Krishnamurti.


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