The Royal Path

a contemporary deep healing, personal growth and emotional liberation company bringing lasting transformation, liberation and full personal sovereignty.


The Royal Path

a contemporary deep healing, personal growth and emotional liberation company bringing lasting transformation, liberation and full personal sovereignty.


Who We Are

For the past 15 years, Aleah and Dan, founders of The Royal Path, have been engaging consciously and passionately in the personal growth and deep healing realm. Their backgrounds consist of participation and education in a multitude of therapeutic and personal development courses, trainings and retreats such as extended Primal Therapy in Los Angeles, Inner Child Work, Original Pain-work, Conscious Sexuality, Tantra and Tantra Therapy. Their journey also included Family Constellation as well as various forms of meditations. 

It is their fearless willingness to continuously dive deeper into the essence of their own being that created the profound understanding, heightened sensitivity and supreme clarity when it comes to dynamics of human nature, relationships, the realm of healing and personal growth. Both Dan and Aleah bring individual unique gifts such as valuable life experiences, undivided presence, an extreme high state of awareness and clairsentience.

Aleah and Dan have been in an intimate relationship for almost 7 years consciously walking and practicing the path of authentic and conscious relating before deciding to let go of each other. For a while, they both set off on their individual journey to implement and deepen their learnings. Later they re-united as trustful and inspired business partners based on a purely platonic friendship. Today, they are both reaping the fruits of their yearlong hard work in the relationships with their new life partners. 

Their work is highly inspired by the teachings of: John Bradshaw, Arthur Janov and David Deida.

Our Mission

The Royal Path is a contemporary deep healing and personal growth company. Everything we do serves the awakening and acceleration of human consciousness and emotional liberation. With our unique approach – Emotional Recycling – we facilitate deep healing and ignite positive and lasting transformation on the levels of the heart, body, mind and soul.

The Royal Path is a return to love, to the language of the heart where we become comfortable with and embrace our potent vulnerability that allows us to live and act in alignment with and uncompromising of our individual truth. It is a journey from defense to our unique essence.

The Royal Path creates heart-centered and courageous/grounded leaders, Kings & Queens who take responsibility and embark on the much-needed healing journey to “govern” themselves and their Kingdom – and Queendom. Leaders who create other leaders by walking their talk inspiring the people around them, demonstrating a strong set of values such as integrity, authenticity, vulnerability, sovereignty and love.

Our Values


The world needs more awesome human beings who consciously practice radical honesty and show a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. The Royal Path enables you to strengthen your backbone making people trust you and feel safe around you.


We are often confronted with being manipulated in various ways, resulting into us giving our power away to ideals that are steeped in fear and control. It often leaves us in a perpetually disempowered state. This disconnection with our authentic power results in chaos not only in our relationships, but many aspects of our life. The Royal Path enables you to reclaim your crown and fully govern your personal sovereign state drawing a line in the sand to stand for truth.


Love is the most powerful healing agent of all. In any moment of our waking day we make choices based on either fear or love. We all have an immeasurable capacity to love and be loved in return. For without love, there is no life. The Royal Path is a return to love, to the language of your heart.


By healing ourselves, we become a catalyst for inspiring and inviting others to embark on the personal growth and healing journey as well. We don’t teach or push expansion on others without invitation, but rather lead and inspire by example. The Royal Path is a heartfelt contribution to the sanity of humanity.


As Brené Brown says it beautifully: “Vulnerability is essential to wholehearted living and it is the most accurate measurement of courage.” It is vulnerability that creates love and connection and allows for intimate relationships to thrive. Daring to be vulnerable holds phenomenal positive power. Once the key to vulnerability is unlocked it automatically creates incredible courage and turns shame into an unshakable confidence of who you are. The Royal Path provides a safe space for you to explore and become comfortable with your vulnerability.


Walking the path means the pro-active and continuous seeking of growth and healing instead of waiting for life to deliver painful wake-up calls. We take 100% responsibility for what is not working in life and refuse to blame others for our problems. The Royal Path aspires to motivate and support anyone willing to create an extraordinary life.

Why We Do What We Do

We live in a numb society, unempathetic with our own and each other’s pain. We are unable to truly feel and we act out all over the place. We constantly unconsciously recreate our painful childhood realities and coming from that wounded place we uncompromisingly chase after the things we never got, but always longed for.

We are unable to live our fullest potential, we lie, we hide and we cheat and we often inflict pain onto others and therewith ourselves. We also tend to destroy and suffocate important relationships, even entire families. And with all of that we enforce the one thing we all desperately try to avoid – feeling lonely, isolated and disconnected. The worst thing about it is that we somehow have come to accept the status quo. We often remain blind and unaware of how much we are prisoners of our past. 

For both, Aleah & Dan, that status quo was just not gonna do it. It was simply not good enough. It is not true that relationships have to be dysfunctional, that love and passion goes lost and that life is one of chronic unhappiness and unfulfillment. We just don’t buy into it. However, if we want to change, we have to understand that healing is no longer optional. When we suffer in our inner world, we automatically bring suffering to the outer world and the people around us.

in our experience, at the root of individual human suffering too often lies one universal trauma.

In our experience, at the root of individual human suffering lies one universal trauma; the early absence of secure love or the so-called psychological mother-wound. This trauma brings a myriad of negative consequences such as low self-worth, deep insecurity and the constant looking for and chasing after love, appreciation and approval from the outside. It is also mainly responsible for dysfunctional relationships and our inability to connect on a deeper level and create emotional and sexual intimacy.


the early absence of love instilled one fundamentally false belief; that there is something essentially wrong with me, that I am somewhat not okay or good the way I am.

The toxic shame that comes with it is what keeps one from living happy, joyful, uncompromising, (purpose)fully, embodied and in celebration of life.

However, there is one crucial problem that comes with this painful wound. We have buried it so deep inside of us that we have no longer access to it. The feeling IS the healing. It is an art to rebuild that access in order to safely and consciously feel that which has never been fully felt and therewith integrate it in a truly lasting way. It is the only way for it to stop unconsciously running your show. On top of that our brain makes sure to repress painful feelings by keeping us in denial about what really happened. We cannot possibly know what we don’t know, all we know is that something does not feel quite right.

In other words, you might read through our why and understand it on a mental level, but unless you access the pain around the early absence of love, the mother wound, you won’t even begin to understand the scope of it and how it still sabotages and influences your life. It is precisely your brain’s job to keep you from emotional upheaval and it will do anything to avoid change.

however, change comes whether we like it or not 

Because our subconscious wants evolution and it will find a way to wake you up. So we can either pro-actively deal with it or wait for life to deliver painful wake-up calls that often seem out of our control.

Women hugging


In our personal experience and from the work with our clients, we realised that in the end, every single thing that does not work in our life will eventually lead back to you feeling deeply unloved, emotionally neglected, not seen or validated and it has made you believe that something is fundamentally wrong with you. Or, on the opposite, and out of your early unmet need for feeling significant and seen, you might have an unhealthy fascination of being you. As a result you might feel above everyone else which ultimately keeps you from deeply connecting with the people around you leaving you feeling as if you never really belong to anyone. 

unhealed wounds always play out somehow negatively and take on a life of their own creating havoc in your life.

So healing is no longer optional because the world is in desperate need of integrated, conscious, authentic, alive, empathic, vulnerable and deeply feeling human beings with a strong set of values, spreading joy, love and compassion wherever they go. 

For us, there is only one truly valuable currency in life and that is the currency of authentic love and emotional happiness and liberation. The Royal Path offers a proven, powerful and lasting approach to get you there.

Work With Us

The Royal Path Coaching Experience


For a limited amount of 1 to 1 clients, Aleah and Dan offer signature coaching packages for your personal break-through journey.
Getting coached by Aleah or Dan personally is a unique experience and acts as a powerful accelerator providing a powerful positive and lasting transformation.

The Royal Path Retreat Experience


Experience Aleah and Dan in one of their exclusive retreats where they take you on a "deep-dive" transformational journey back into the deepest wisdom of your heart.
The group exposure might seem challenging, however, in return for your courage you will get a pure exceptional human experience resulting in a deepened understanding of what it truly means to be human.

Meet Larissa, Our Executive Assistant


My name is Larissa and I am the Executive Assistant here at The Royal Path. I directly support Aleah and Dan in all questions administration, organisation, marketing and social media. Furthermore I assist them in our incredible retreats as well as in-house client intensives which I absolutely love.

I have met Aleah in October 2018 because my husband and I started a relationship coaching with her. From the very first online session I felt really close to her so it was easy for me to open up. She helped me get back to my real self and the strong woman I am. 1,5 years later I attended The Queen retreat that turned out to be one of the most important experiences of my life.

Through my own journey I have come to understand that personal growth and healing is important to me and essential for my own wellbeing. It has awakened the longing in me to make it part of my calling to support others on their individual journeys too. I love to listen to their stories, be empathetic with how they feel, hold space for them to work through the layers of healing. It’s just amazing to see the positive transformations that happen when we dive in.

I am the mother of a wonderful boy called Leon with whom I love to spend time with. We enjoy the water and the nature where we live very much. Apart from motherhood I am very much into healthy living, sport and vegan food. I am excited to get to know you and am happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to reach out! I am excited to getting to know you.

 Hope to see you soon!


Rise Like Phoenix From the Ashes And Kick-Start Your Healing Now With Our Free Ebook!

We have created a very special gift for you – a free ebook that entails an overview on the how and what when it comes to deep healing, emotional liberation and positive lasting change.

In the book we talk about the importance of doing the deeper inner healing work, what it is that we actually need to heal and how we are going to achieve that.

You will be introduced to our signature method called Emotional Recycling and you will learn to detect what spiritual bypassing means.

Healing is no longer optional and with us and our team you find people who have walked the talk. We know what it means and more importantly, we know what it takes to get you to the other end of the tunnel! Click on the link below and get your free copy today!


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