Meet Dan

“you either deal with your past or you’ll get trapped by it.”

Meet Dan

“you either deal with your past or you’ll get trapped by it.””

Dan’s Personal Story

Once You Know Loss You’ve Got Nothing To Loose

 It all started 14 years ago when I just turned 31, newlywed and head over heels in love with my best friend and wonderful lover, Gillian. We had embarked on our honeymoon together and were on the road for about 2 months when all of a sudden I lost her in a terrible car accident.

My world turned upside down. The pain was unbearable. There was nothing that made sense anymore. Nothing that would give me any sort of meaning. All that was left was an excruciating feeling of pain, loss and loneliness as well as a deep sense of simply wanting to die too.

It was the moment when I lost my innocent belief that the world is inherently good, that life is predictable, controllable and safe.

My Only Option Then Was To Numb Myself And Stop Feeling

In hope to no longer feel that big black hole in the middle of my chest, I ran off and started to travel the world. I sold all my business shares, left my family and friends and went on many crazy adventures. I exposed myself to dangerous situations more than once as I felt that dying wasn’t so bad and in fact a pretty lucrative option. I was fearless, unapologetic and willing to risk it all.

I backpacked and travelled through more than 30 countries, stayed in the best 5-star-hotels, rode a dirt-bike through India and Cambodia, went on night-dives in the most beautiful protected parts of the ocean or had orgies and nights full of drugs and alcohol. Whatever I did, nothing did the job to numb my pain and the feeling of being lost and lonely persisted.

You Can’t Run Away From Your Pain, You Have To Face It

At one point, I realised that if I wanted to live a meaning- and purposeful life, I had to turn things around. I had to turn inwards, take full responsibility and start my own healing process. I ran from one workshop to another, always hoping to feel more alive, happy and fulfilled instead of keep feeling that horrible pain, emptiness and utter loneliness.

At first I thought that I could do it all on my own and that I do not need any help. After all we as men have heard it ever too often “Men up! Get over it! Boys don’t cry!”. However, out of my own experience taking help does not only save you years of trial and error, but also keeps you from a lot of unnecessary prolonged suffering.

Every workshop, retreat or course brought me some relief, but it never really lasted. It was not until I fully allowed and immersed myself into the feelings behind my pain for it to really start getting better.

You Either Deal With Your Past Or You’ll Get Trapped By It!

 Losing my wife was not the only thing that made me so miserable. It was the beginning, the stirring up, the awakening of long-dormant much older feelings I had carried inside of myself. It is all connected. To me, one thing became very clear; no matter what we suffer in our adult life, in the end, it always leads back to childhood – to our original pain – whether we like it or not. We all carry an ocean of repressed pain and sadness, rage, anger, frustration, shame or desperation from what we have experienced while growing up.

Dealing with the past demands incredible courage because in the end it is about vulnerability and letting go of our defenses. Even more so, as a man, being vulnerable and letting down your guard is a pretty risky thing. However, inevitable, if we want to show up in an authentic way, creating real intimacy, rather than hurt and separation. Vulnerability and exposure also includes becoming okay with mistakes and temporary failure without beating yourself up for it. 

Turning My Pain Into Power And A Deep Longing To Serve

Hurt people hurt people, liberated people liberate others. To me liberation is an exquisite emotional state. It is the opposite of emotional suffering and truly the most valuable currency we can possibly possess. It is my utmost longing to support you on your own process of liberation, shackling off anything that does no longer serve you or hold you back in any way. I want you to be your most alive, joyful and authentic self with full permission to be unapologetically YOU.

Apart from supporting you on your deep healing, liberation and personal growth journey, I can also help you on how to no longer compromise on your purpose, dreams and goals. I started my first business at the age of 23 and made my first million at the age of 35. I learned it all the hard way which allows me to show you some very precious shortcuts to turn your ideas into gold. At the same time you will be able to leverage your passion, talents and ideas and create a deeply fulfilling and joyful life. 

Creating The Royal Path is my heart-project and I’d be honoured to walk the path with you. I am excited to hear from you.

Aleah and Dan create such a beautiful open space to explore feelings. Like a lot of men I found that very difficult to do and that’s why I encourage all men to go through The Royal Path Experience. You will find an environment where you can be vulnerable and explore yourself without being judged or pressured.

Dom, San Francisco, United states

Official Bio

Dan Hart is a deep healing and emotional liberation Coach, Counsellor & Mentor. He supports both couples and individuals in navigating through the much needed deeper inner healing work to achieve supreme clarity, emotional liberation from the past and full personal sovereignty and empowerment.

Through his own method – Emotional Recycling – he enables his clients to safely and consciously re-access repressed unintegrated feelings. Integration and healing happens through the safe and vulnerable exposure of those feelings, the necessary grief work and the overwriting with the heart-based frequency of love and pleasure.

After more than a decade of partaking in various healing and growth modalities and trainings he is now able to take people to the depth of their being. He brings unique gifts such as supreme intuition & clarity, profound empathy and extra-ordinary life experiences to the positively transformational client sessions. Furthermore he is able to hold a non-judgmental, safe and loving space that allows his clients to naturally and efficiently dive in, work through their repressed feelings and resurface with insights that literally transform their life on every level.

At the age of 23 and for the following 12 years he massively influenced Zurich’s nightlife by building up a holding including several dance clubs, bars and a restaurant providing people with unique experiences of upcoming local and international DJ’s and artists. Wanting more in life he then decided to sell his shares to travel the world and learn from the best. He’s seen pretty much everything which allows him today to bring those exquisite and broad in-depth experiences to his client’s very unique life situations.

He is the co-founder of The Royal Path and together with his Business Partner, Aleah Ava, and their team, they offer signature deep healing retreats, individual, group and couples coaching as well as online programs. Their first book will be released by spring 2021.

Dan speaks English and German.




Deep Healing & Emotional Liberation CCM
Zurich Switzerland
Online & Travel

Meditation, Personal Development & Emotional Healing

6 months at the Osho Ashram in Pune, India. The time included the participation, training and staffing of inner child work, childhood and sexual de-conditioning, Tantra seminars with Homa & Mukto, Mystic Rose Process, Born Again and The Path of Love Retreat. 2011-2012

Tantra Training Level 1 – 3

Participation and Training in various aspects of Tantra for 5 weeks at Osheanic in Brazil with Homa & Mukto. Level I – Understanding and healing old wounds, exploring sexuality, sensitivity and personal power as well as the ability to love unconditionally. Level II – Exploring male and female energies, sexual polarity, deep relaxation and intimacy, learning about sex as a door to meditation, awareness and presence. Level 3 – Energy reading training that builds confidence in our intuition (including synchronicity, body awareness & touch) and learning to communicate from the heart space. 08/09.2012

Tony Robbins Personal Growth Seminars

Unleash the power within, Date with Destiny, Business Mastery and Health & Wealth Mastery. 2013

Level 1 to 7 and the Men’s Retreat with The New Tantra

Participation in seminars focused on sexual deconditioning, Advanced Sex, Sexual Completion, Transmission Training, Ego-Workshop, Sacred Rituals and Dark Retreat.

Organisation and Co-Facilitation of Retreats

Various weeklong childhood deconditioning/inner child/original painwork retreats alongside Puja Lepp, licensed counsellor and psychologist. 2013-2016

Intense Primal Therapy at the official Arthur Janov Primal Therapy Center in Los Angeles, CA

Primal Therapy sessions of the Original Primal Therapy diving deeply into his own childhood trauma. For the first 6 months he lived in Los Angeles to do the therapy on-site and continued ever since online. Dan’s work is highly inspired by his deep understanding from doing such deep feeling therapy. 2016-2020

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For a limited amount of 1 to 1 clients, Aleah and Dan offer signature coaching packages for your personal break-through journey.
Getting coached by Aleah or Dan personally is a unique experience and acts as a powerful accelerator providing a powerful positive and lasting transformation.

The Royal Path Retreat Experience


Experience Aleah and Dan in one of their exclusive retreats where they take you on a "deep-dive" transformational journey back into the deepest wisdom of your heart.
The group exposure might seem challenging, however, in return for your courage you will get a pure exceptional human experience resulting in a deepened understanding of what it truly means to be human.

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You will be introduced to our signature method called Emotional Recycling and you will learn to detect what spiritual bypassing means.

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