Walking The Path Of Relational Intelligence Allows You To… 

Share Deep Emotional & Sexual Intimacy

Relationships thrive when there is trust, playfulness, connection, and vulnerability. Show up for each other like never before and transform shallow conversations, empty sex, and boring routines into surprising adventures, inspiring conversations, and sizzling sex. 

Receive Tools For Conscious Communication

The right words can make or break any challenging situation. Understand what it takes for your message to be received the way you intended it. We draw upon non-violent communication tools and you will learn to vulnerably express your wishes, needs and desires to ensure everyone is seen and heard.

Experience Relationship Satisfaction

Everything is easier when you have someone who has your back. Team up with your partner and savor the deepening friendship that develops along this journey to increase your wellbeing and relationship satisfaction.

Become Supreme Lovers

Conscious sexuality opens up a sacred space for you to experience sensuality in a way you never knew existed. Discover what it takes to offer your partner orgasmic pleasure that can last for hours, leaving you both nourished and revived.

Turn Crisis Into Evolution

How do you navigate the inevitable upheavals of intimate relationships? A crisis is always an opportunity – if handled with care. Emerge from stormy waters fully renewed by better understanding and validating each other’s experience.

Prevent Relationship Breakdowns

Don’t wait until your relationship is at the brink of breakdown. Do the inner work now to ensure your bond not just survives but thrives. Be smart about it and prevent resentment, frustration, and anger from building up until it’s too late.

Couples counselling has led to the needed honest conversations that might have hurt, but ultimately led to more truth and therewith clarity. Watching each other in our vulnerabilities has created a greater understanding of who we are as individuals and of what made us the way we are today. Having an outside source to help you navigate the challenges is something we can recommend whole-heartedly. 

Alexis & Dom, San Francisco, USA

Services And Offerings For Couples Who Want More

Navigating Crises

Your relationship is in crisis. You’re no longer able to communicate without it ending in a volcanic eruption. You’ve lost trust in each other and experience resentment, anger, and frustration.

If one (or both!) of you cheated, it can feel impossible to rebuild much-needed trust. You feel so hurt, seeing yourselves grow further from each other with each passing day. Or, either one of you has started to withdraw their attention and affection.

The feelings of rejection can burn themselves so deeply into the relationship that you’ve become too embarrassed to even ask.

This includes both sexual and emotional affection and attention.

But no matter how hopeless you might feel right now, turning a crisis around is totally possible with proper guidance and effort. It takes radical honesty, conscious effort, and the validation of both of your feelings as a starting point. From that place, we’ll slowly rebuild the bridges to reuniting in love and intimacy.

Preventive Couples Counselling

Nobody has learned relationship intelligence in school. If you want to get great at relationships, you have to practice mastering this art now.

There are many great tools for successful relating. They help you increase your relationship satisfaction, deepen your commitment, and prevent relationship breakdown. 

Beginnings are often easy. But when you miss out on dealing with difficulties later on, resentment builds. Like a plant, you have to nourish and water your relationships with utmost care, dedicating your undivided attention to its growth. 

Don’t let your lack of attention and knowledge determine the fate of your relationship. Deal with it today so you can keep enjoying it tomorrow. 

Happy Couple On Mountain

Conscious Uncoupling & Mediation

Conscious uncoupling focuses on the goal of parting amicably, respectfully, and with care for the needs of any children involved. Self-reflection is an important tool in this process. After all, most irritations and destructive arguments ultimately lead back to unresolved wounds from the past that sabotage your relationship. It’s the echo of old emotional pain that wants to be healed.

Relationships are here for mutual healing and growth.

The earlier you become aware of their healing potential, the sooner you will find yourselves in happy, satisfying and long-lasting relationships.

Conscious uncoupling prevents families from breaking apart by separation. Instead, it creates expanded families that add value to each member. Conscious uncoupling also brings wholeness to everyone’s spirit, fosters constructive co-parenting, and increases self-love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness.

Children are imitators – the way you show up in such a delicate situation teaches them for life.

Don’t fall for the guilt-driven idea that it serves your children to stay in a dysfunctional relationship.

They are way too intelligent to buy into your pretense. Be a good role-model and separate in a mature, compassionate, and loving way, so they can find comfort in your clarity and goodwill.


Conscious Sexuality Immersion

I know that you want to give your lover pleasure that makes their whole body shake with delight. However, maybe, over the years, you’ve lost the spark in the bedroom and start wondering if this is it. But sex does not have to become boring over time! Just as everything else in life, your sexuality & intimacy simply wants to evolve. 

Erotic intelligence is a skill you can learn like any other.

Conscious sexuality offers you a sophisticated understanding of your sexual potential. Most couples have not even scratched the surface and often do not realize what they’re missing out on. 

These immersions include working through shame, sexual abuse, numbness, or sexual dysfunctions. Apart from counselling, we also offer sacred bodywork. This includes breath work, loving touch, tantra massage, and heart-vagina/penis healing to release numbness and awaken your natural bliss. 

Tantric Couple

Signature Counseling* Packages Tailored To Your Goals & Needs

A one-on-one setting allows you to have Dan and/or Aleah exclusively for yourself on your personal journey. Every session will focus on what you need in any given moment to let go of your psychological defenses and naturally build access to the deepest parts within yourself. Before you leave, nothing will be left unsaid, or unexplored, and the experience will have you held in pure unconditional love and presence – completely changing your life for the better. An immersion as such will spare you a lot of time in therapy and equip you with an incredible ability to get comfortable with uncomfortable feelings.

The Royal Path Phoenix


Great things require time and consistency. This expansive 3-months package will allow you to get to the root of your harmful relationship patterns. You’ll get to truly know your partner, and together through embodied acceptance, compassion and respect learn to increase your capacity for love.

Understanding your partners needs, wounds and values is paramount for a relationship filled with heartfelt sexual and emotional intimacy. You’ll start to communicate more efficiently, and finally find the ease to express what felt difficult before.

What’s included:

  • 12 weekly intuitive counseling sessions (online or in person, 120 mins each); every session is tailored to your journey
  • Specific homework & exercises or practices that give you an idea of what to do next
  • In between session Whatsapp support as challenges will come up outside our official session space, and we will be right there with you
  • A signature welcome gift upon booking
  • An indepth intake questionnaire to prepare you for the journey ahead

*Counseling concentrates on the person’s past and deals with healing emotional pain. It is therefore geared towards understanding and resolving the past. Thereby, helping someone move forward and be able to reach their individual potential in life. Coaching focuses on the present and the future. We combine Counseling with Coaching for lasting positive transformation.


This unique 5-days in-house intensive will allow for a never before experienced transformational couple’s journey. Gently and naturally we will dive into the root causes of your relationship struggles mainly connected to your childhood wounding. Together you’ll learn how to communicate vulnerably, and through presence and love, create a new found trust that will build the basis for everything that lies ahead of you.

Set yourself up for a relationship that is based on trust, authenticity and safety to create the life and relationship you both deeply deserve and desire.

What’s included: 

  • 10 personal 2-hours intuitive counseling sessions (with Aleah in Italy where every session is tailored to your journey)
  • The process is held in silence and includes homework, meditation, exercises and journaling practices in between sessions
  • My undivided presence & support throughout our time together (also when challenges come up outside our official session space)
  • A 4 course private Royal welcome dinner specially cooked for you
  • An apartment with bathroom and kitchen in our private house where we will also be holding the sessions
  • A signature welcome gift upon booking
  • An indepth intake questionnaire to prepare you for the journey ahead

The Royal Path Signature Retreats

Retreats create a setting that allows you to dive into a group healing field where other people’s vulnerability and courage positively add to your journey. You will also get motivated by their stories, challenges and feelings that can feel activating, but also deeply inspiring and stimulating helping you to dive into the depth of your soul. It truly is an exceptional human experience to see other people sharing so authentically. It will naturally awaken a deep compassion and empathy towards them as well as yourself. Spend time with like-minded people and make new friends for life!

The Royal Couple

The Royal Couple

Our luxurious signature Couple’s retreat to deepen your relationship and reconnect with your partner.

The Royal Path

The Royal Path

Our signature deep healing and personal growth retreat to release years of trauma in the safest and most natural way.

The Queen

The Queen

A seven day deep dive into creating your Queendom with Aleah Ava & Team

Our coaching in the end turned out to be a conscious uncoupling that none of us had hoped to ever having to do. Sometimes two people just grow apart over time and as much as it is hard to let go of a relationship (especially when you have a kid involved) in the end it was liberating for our entire family. Uncoupling with love and understanding builds an important basis for a co-parenting space based on mutual respect and support. We are glad we had help in navigating the hurt, disappointment and frustration and each take responsibility for the behavior that had led to the break-up.

Larissa & Martin, Wien, Austria

3 Easy Steps To Emotional Healing & Liberation


Schedule A Call

We invite you for a confidential and complimentary video call with either Aleah or Dan where we learn about your situation and your desired outcome. The call will already offer you great insight and will allow us both to feel into each other and understand if we are the right match to safely embark on a powerful healing and liberation journey together.


Receive Clarity

After our call you will know precisely what to expect when embarking on The Royal Path with us. You will learn about your possibilities that will support you best in your unique current situation. You will also receive a personalized offer to make an empowered decision that will have the lasting impact you desire.


Start Your Journey

If you say yes to a life-changing journey, you will receive our Royal Path intake questionnaire and a little surprise directly delivered to your doorstep. It is our heartfelt thank you for choosing us to start your adventure. If on the other hand it was not (yet) the right time for you, you are invited to make use of our free online resources to support you as much as we possibly can.

Who I Am

During the past 15 years, I’ve immersed myself on a life-changing (and royal) path of personal growth and emotional healing and liberation.

I did it all, from tantra to therapy.

I spent years in intensive, one-on-one, Primal Therapy, Inner Child Work, and Original Pain Work. I dove head-long into exploring the ins and outs of conscious sexuality, tantra, and tantra therapy. 

My journey also led me to family constellation work, as well as various forms of meditation and mindset-training.

In 2017 I have decided that I need to follow my heart, and create a sustainable business that will help awaken and heal humanity just as I did. 

I bring you the treasures of my lived experiences. I support women and couples in navigating their personal journey of healing and liberation.

I know that it’s something we all have to go through sooner or later. To grow. To evolve. To thrive.

I created The Royal Path because I believe that YOU are made for an epic (love) life.

In truth, this journey toward greater joy, clarity, and fulfillment is an ongoing one. And I am *always* growing and learning with you. 

It’s my willingness to constantly dive deeper into the mysteries that enables me to elevate YOU further into an ever-expanding state of ease, clarity, joy and happiness.

Kick-Start Your Transformation Now With Our Free Deep Healing Initiation Meditation!

Sometimes healing can feel like an uphill battle. Especially when your nervous system gets disregulated in the process.

That’s why we created a very special gift for you – a free meditation that will support you in setting powerful intentions, and that will bring ease and gentelness rebalancing you first thing in the morning if you like.

If you are new to the world of healing and transformation, it will ignite your journey of personal and spiritual growth and evolution as well as emotional healing and liberation.           

Click on the link below and get your free meditation today!

Deep Healing Initiation Meditation

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