There's no nobler path than the path of healing

Deine Transformation Erwartet Dich!


Bist Du Das? Bist Das Du?

Dancing Woman

You are smart, courageous, and generous, you know you want a fulfilling life with full of radiant love, soulful pleasure and meaningful relationships. 

Was hält dich zurück? Was hält dich davon ab?

Aus Erfahrung haben wir festgestellt, dass alles, was nicht im Leben funktioniert, darauf zurückzuführen ist, dass wir uns ungeliebt, emotional vernachlässigt und nicht bestätigt fühlen.… making you believe that something is somehow wrong with you.

Wenn diese Gefühle auftauchen, kann sich das Leben wie ein harter Kampf anfühlen.

You’re more than willing to do the work, but the truth is that there are some obstacles you just can’t overcome on your own. 

Manchmal steht man sich selbst im Weg und braucht Unterstützung von außen, um weiterzukommen.

I see you! I’m Aleah and as your mentor and guide I understand what you are going through. In case we’ve never met, let me tell you a bit about myself.

Who I Am

During the past 15 years, I’ve immersed myself on a life-changing (and royal) path of personal growth and emotional healing and liberation.

I did it all, from tantra to therapy.

I spent years in intensive, one-on-one, Primal Therapy, Inner Child Work, and Original Pain Work. I dove head-long into exploring the ins and outs of conscious sexuality, tantra, and tantra therapy. 

My journey also led me to family constellation work, as well as various forms of meditation and mindset-training.

In 2017 I have decided that I need to follow my heart, and create a sustainable business that will help awaken and heal humanity just as I did. 

I bring you the treasures of my lived experiences. I support women and couples in navigating their personal journey of healing and liberation.

I know that it’s something we all have to go through sooner or later. To grow. To evolve. To thrive.

I created The Royal Path because I believe that YOU are made for an epic (love) life.

In Wahrheit ist diese Reise eine Kontinuierliche, die uns stetig mehr Freude, Klarheit und Erfüllung bringt. And I am *always* growing and learning with you. 

It’s my willingness to constantly dive deeper into the mysteries that enables me to elevate YOU further into an ever-expanding state of ease, clarity, joy and happiness.

The Royal Path Mission

The Royal Path is a contemporary personal transformation and embodied emotional, sexual and spiritual healing and liberation company. Everything we do serves the awakening and acceleration of human consciousness. Our unique trauma-informed method – Emotionales Recycling – heals, liberates and transforms on the levels of the heart, body, mind and soul.

In essence, The Royal Path is a return to love, the language of the heart, where we become comfortable with and embrace our potent vulnerability that allows us to live and act in alignment with and uncompromising of our individual truth. It is a sacred journey from emotional wounding (ego and defensiveness) to worthiness where we live life rooted in authentic love, our unique essence rooted in our individual truth.

Unsere Werte


 Aleah & her team always act from a place of high integrity always considering what is in your highest interest
Both your yes and your no are respected at all times. We have done the work, and walk our talk. We are not interested in feeding our ego but being in service of your emotional wellbeing.

Heal Your Heart

Pure Love

We believe that love is the most powerful healing agent of all. When you step into our field, you’ll experience a deep healing around your internal disconnection from love in its purest form.
We are non-judgmental and compassionate for who you are and what happened to you.


Aleah is a deeply spiritual and highly intuitive being, acting in service of the great plan of love. She offers herself as a channel to source, God and her guides.
You don’t have to a believer to walk this path, but know that Aleah’s connection to the deeper realms will contribute massivewly to your transformation.

Why I Do What I Do – The Rise Of The Feminine

Share Love Not Hate

I am in deep admiration of the gracious feminine – the nurturer and bringer of unconditional love. In this world where most people are so deeply dis-connected from their own and other people’s pain & feelings, the safe and nourishing feminine is needed now more than ever.

Your unresolved feelings are the root-cause of all suffering. 

Once upon a time we had to bury them so deep inside that now it’s really hard to access them again. But it’s precisely our ability to feel the good, the bad and the ugly that will help us connect with each other (and our partner!) again, so we can act from a place of true love and kindness.
Women are at a powerful crossroad, where we are being given the chance to lead with compassion and consideration of everyone in a hole new way. In order for women to truly step up and into love, they first have to heal their own internal disconnection from it. 

We’re asked to be brave and lead men and the world back in to their hearts.

The biggest privilege in my life is my emotional freedom, and that makes me unafraid of yours. There is no feeling you might experience that can scare me, and there is no feeling within me that I have not visited and feel safe with. It has given me one of the biggest gifts; emotional, sexual and spiritual freedom that I consider the new rich, and I want that for you too. My sense of safety within myself allows you to feel safe within too.
I want you to step out of fear and into love where you address conflict with kindness and where you handle challenges unafraid of speaking your truth from the place of your heart. I wish for you to stop compromising falsely with men and the world, and for lovers to start being deeply honest with each other.
Love is a word loaded with so much misunderstanding, pain and illusion, but nothing can take away from the ultimately pure meaning it has always had, especially when it comes to healing our hearts. 
Fact is, there is nothing kitschy about love because it is God’s greatest invention, and a direct transmission of Grace. 
I want you to know grace from the inside out. Where the self-betrayal ends, and true empowerment begins.
That’s what the Royal Path is about; a walking home to your deepest ability to love and be loved in return. 
You’re invited to burn all the versions of you that feel disconnected from love, and give birth to the majestic Phoenix inside you, ready to rise from the ashes of that old self.
Welcome to your Royal Path.
The Rise Of The Feminine

Beginne Deine Reise

The Royal Path



Allow yourself to be supported every step of the way. Aleah will guide you to the depth of your inner being where you'll gently address the root cause of the issues you are experiencing. An immersion as such will enable incredible break-throughs where you release rigid patterns to bring lasting positive transformation.

The Royal Path

Retreat Experience


Experience Aleah in one of her exclusive inhouse-retreats where she'll take you on a "deep-dive" transformational journey back into the deepest wisdom of your heart.
The group exposure might seem challenging, however, in return for your courage you will get a pure exceptional human experience of love resulting in a deepened understanding of what you are made of.

The Royal Path

Venus Unleashed.

Venus Unleashed.

Venus Unleashed. is a 6-months online group healing portal for committed soul queens longing to own their deepest desires. It is the embodiment and liberation of love, sex and soul. This sacred high-impact field is only for a maximum of 4 women at once. We’ll meet weekly for teachings, coachings and deep emotional healing. Apply now for the next round.

The Royal Path

Meditations & Online Programs

Meditations & Online Programs

Sometimes we are not ready to immediately book a retreat or 1-1 counseling session. That’s why we offer powerful self-led transformational resources. Aleah puts so much love into every single creation, and she is so passionate about her guided meditations that will help you in times of nervous sytem activation or simply guiding you deeper into your heart space. You can even get a personalised channeled meditation from your higher self!

Kick-Start Your Transformation Now With Our Free Deep Healing Initiation Meditation!

Sometimes healing can feel like an uphill battle. Especially when your nervous system gets disregulated in the process.

That’s why we created a very special gift for you – a free meditation that will support you in setting powerful intentions, and that will bring ease and gentelness rebalancing you first thing in the morning if you like.

If you are new to the world of healing and transformation, it will ignite your journey of personal and spiritual growth and evolution as well as emotional healing and liberation.           

Click on the link below and get your free meditation today!

Deep Healing Initiation Meditation

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