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The Queen


The Queen’s Retreat Leads You To…

Heal Your Mother Wound

The psychological mother wound is the most impactful wound you carry. Your whole sense of self is based on what your mother mirrored and how emotionally attuned she’s been towards you as an infant. Increase your awareness around how you have been wounded, how this is still affecting you, and how to start healing.

Become A Sovereign Queen

Women get what they tolerate. Solid standards and personal boundaries are a must if you want to level up how people treat you. Once you stop apologizing for who you are and have come to a place of deep self-acceptance and esteem, you start embodying your inner Queen.

Boost Your Self-Worth

Many women see themselves as flawed and “not good enough.” Learn how toxic shame resulted in the breakdown of your self-esteem, keeping you from showing up as unapologetically YOU. Feel deeply worthy, appreciated, and loved for who you are.

What Fellow Queens Have To Say About The Retreat

I feel so much more depth in myself as a lot of hidden and unseen old stories, feelings and imprints were released from my body. Aleah knew perfectly how to guide me there and the space to do that felt very safe. I found myself grieving on a much deeper level and I realised that I am now better able to fully feel and I love it! It is such a gift and a blessing Aleah was able to take me there.

NAMAYA DEVI, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Women Compromise Way Too Much

Most of our female clients battle with the same issues: low self-esteem, chasing after unrequited love, and playing small. They have no or low standards and tolerate behavior that makes them deeply unhappy. Apart from that, they feel that something important is missing in their life.

Modern women are often asked to activate their masculine energy, which goes against their feminine nature. Giving into shallow sexual experiences, they feel frustrated and unfulfilled. 

These are consequences of an unhealed psychological mother wound. Their actions, behaviors, and decisions all gear towards meeting the needs that have not been met in childhood. They’d do anything to get what they never had, compromising to get love and affection.


Living As An Expression Of
The Divine Feminine

Connected to your feminine essence, you naturally trust and flow with life. Women beautify, bring together, and let love be the driving force. Your biggest challenge is to live like you have never been hurt before.

In theory, that all makes sense. Most women long to live from the center of their hearts, sex, and souls. But that’s easier said than done. Too often, it doesn’t feel safe to walk around unguarded. Too many experiences have taken away the innocence of open-hearted living.

It is only by surrendering your pain, delusions, hurt, and anger that you can reconnect to innocence. An innocence that brings back pleasure, joy, and the deliciousness of your being.

The Queen Retreat Highlights

The Gift Of Sisterhood

Experience the power and comfort of a beautiful circle of women who feel deeply compassionate and empathetic for each other. You will feel deep trust, affection, loyalty and inspiration from this uniquely safe and sacred space that will nourish your heart.

Solid Boundaries

For various reasons women often have impaired personal boundaries which leads them to let other people invade their space in many ways. During this week you will strongly solidify the concept of boundaries which will tremendously uplevel the way you let others treat you.


Awakening Of The Heart

The heart is infinitely wise and holds all the answers you might be looking for. In this week you will learn to listen attentively to what your heart has to say and allow it to express itself in a vulnerable and natural way.

The Beauty Of Pleasure

Pleasure is the magic of life. Our bodies can experience an incredible amount of pleasure and when cultivated we radiate beauty, happiness and charisma which helps attracting the things we long for. You will reawaken your pleasure body and enjoy the bliss that comes with it.

Surrender And Vulnerability

Your vulnerability is your superpower and a tremendous gift for those nearest to you. It means for you to have the courage to be comfortable with emotional discomfort and to dare to express how you truly think and feel. Let others perceive you in an authentic and pure way which will lead to them trusting and connecting with you more.


Sexy & Shameless Confidence

Many women feel insecure about their body, their pleasure and sexuality or about who they are. It is time to shine your light in all your beauty and glory and to stop apologising for the vast and deep being that you naturally are. There is nothing more sexy than a confident woman.

Become The Happiest Woman You Know

Are you ready to stop compromising and speak your truth?

Do you long for falling in love with yourself and radiate confidence wherever you go?

Do you dream of living from your trusting heart instead of fearful mind?

Let’s Talk!

Women, You Are So Needed

The True Beauty Of A Woman Is Reflected In Her Soul.
– Audrey Hepburn

Women have qualities our world needs more than ever now. A woman rooted in her feminine power is a tremendous gift to society, her family and her relationships. 

She takes 100% responsibility for what’s NOT working in her life, and doesn’t solely rely on her “knight in shining armor” to save her. She stands in her truth and understands her heart’s deepest longings, needs and desires. She’s comfortable with emotional discomfort and courageously shows her true emotions. 

By healing herself and leading by example, she becomes a catalyst for inspiring others, offering empathy and compassion.

Knowing the power of her beauty, she does not abuse it to manipulate but gives it as a gift to the world around her. Her innate wisdom is what guides her. She listens to the voice within, and does not ignore it to please others but unapologetically follows her intuition.

Is that something you want for yourself?

Here’s What You’ll Learn


The Psychological Motherwound

Learn what the mother wound is, how it affects your relationships, and how it plays out in your daily life. Break the denial about its existence and start doing the necessary work for it to no longer control you.


Create And Reinforce Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are essential to setting guidelines of how you want to be treated. In a relationship, setting boundaries leads to more respect and ensures that both partners act with consent. They will also protect you from behavior that might hurt you.


Stop Competing With Other Women

Seeing other women in their vulnerability will awaken the compassion for you to turn competition into sisterhood. Let’s stop pretending and competing and instead elevate, support, and empower each other. 


Express Your Feelings In A Healthy Way

Learn to express your feelings in a mature way. In order to do that, you first have to re-create access to your feelings and let go of the ways your brain defends itself against emotional upheaval.


Awaken Pleasure In Your Body

The fact that women often have to function in a male-dominated world keeps them from living embodied lives which results in numbness. Learn what it takes to tune back into pleasure in an instant so you can live turned-on and fulfilled. 


The Wheel Of Consent

The wheel of consent is a method that will help you love your boundaries, get comfortable with them, and honor them in your daily life.

Does That Scare You A Little?

Perfect! This means you will benefit from this week. Resistance and fear are powerful gateways. Have you heard that magic ALWAYS happens outside of your comfort zone? That’s where the biggest positive transformations happen.

Remember that one of the cornerstones of this retreat is healthy boundaries. For this reason, your “No” is welcome, appreciated, and honored at all times. You will always be able to decide whether you are ready, willing, and open to exploring something that comes up for you.

Life is not a race – slow and steady always wins.


Elements Of The Queen’s Retreat


Trigger Work

Triggers are gold and worth millions of dollars of therapy. We will leverage the incredible value of your emotional triggers to get to the feelings behind them and understand how they connect to your current struggles.

Decoding Drama & Mastery Of Feelings

Learn how to conduct and own your feelings instead of unconsciously acting them out on the people around you. Become an Emotional Recycler who has learned a mature way of relating.


Vulnerability is essential for intimate relating. With our support, you’ll discover how powerful vulnerability is, become comfortable with it, and see the strength it offers.

Embodiment Excercises

Feelings, aliveness and pleasure happen in the body. Let it be your compass and guide you towards a more joyful and pleasure-filled life.

Queens Qualities

Learn the differences between the wounded vs. the healthy feminine to integrate those qualities within you. You’ll step up and become the Queen you were born to be.

Inner Child & Original Pain Work

Learn about and understand how your wounded inner child subconsciously sabotages your (love) life and relationships and what it takes to heal those wounds.

Conscious Anger Work

Change your relationship with anger by expressing it in a healthy and secure way. Anger is crucial if you want to feel more alive and empowered. Let it unleash your creativity and leverage it for the driving force it truly is.


Meditation is a fundamental part during our week together as it helps you ground. There will be a mix of active and passive meditations all aimed at quieting the mind to enable reflection and insight into your process.

For the very first time in my life I actually felt part of a group. I have been working with Aleah for quite a while and the transformation has been incredible. Over time I was able to redefine what I consider as feeling worthy and let go of my ice-queen defence mechanism. I have understood that vulnerability isn’t actually a weakness after all, it has become one of my super powers.

Beatrice, Zurich, switzerland, sales executive

Here’s What You’ll Get


You will either have your own room with a shared bathroom or a twin room that you share with another sister. We’ll clarify that in our intake call.


We mainly serve healthy vegetarian food with some fish. If you have special dietary needs we would like to know so we can accommodate them.


Our days start at 8 am and do not finish before 10 pm. In between, you will have time for breaks as well as meditations that are part of the structure.


Our retreats are designed to accommodate small groups of up to max. 8 people. This ensures that we can offer you a personalized experience with enough coaching to make this a truly healing event for you.


We love surprises and we make sure that every workshop has different elements of it. For this reason, we ask you to never talk about the group structure. This way, our surprises remain surprises.

Your Investment

The Price Includes:

  • Accommodation (7 nights)
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Workshops, Meditations, Teaching & Coachings
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Suprises

Not Included:

Travel Costs

EUR 2200

Aleah Ava

Your Facilitator

Aleah Ava ist eine Tiefengefühls- und Tantra-Therapeutin. Sie unterstützt sowohl Paare als auch Einzelpersonen bei der Durchführung der tiefen inneren Heilungsarbeit, die erforderlich ist, um ein zufriedenstellendes, glückliches und bedeutungsvolles Leben und Beziehungen zu führen.

She’s the creator of the Emotionales Recycling . Dieser Ansatz, ermöglich es den Kunden, sicher und bewusst auf unterdrückte, nicht integrierte Gefühle, zuzugreifen und sich durch gefrorenen Kummer zu bewegen,um die negative Prägung mit der herzbasierten Frequenz von Liebe und Freude zu überschreiben.

Nach mehr als einem Jahrzehnt an Teilnahmen an verschiedenen Heilungs- und Wachstumsansätzen (einschließlich mehr als 150 Sitzungen in der Tiefengefühls- und inneren-Kind-Therapie) ist sie nun in der Lage, Menschen in die Tiefe ihres Seins zu führen. 

Ihre Hellsichtigkeit, ihre fein abgestimmte Intuition, ihre nicht wertende und liebevolle Art ermöglicht es ihren Klienten, sich nach innen zu wenden, unterdrückte Gefühle zu verarbeiten und mit Einsichten wieder aufzutauchen, die ihr Leben auf jeder Ebene verändern.

Aleah ist selbst eine genesene Liebessüchtige und hat den Podcast Addicted to Love kreiert, in dem sie eines der umstrittensten Themen beleuchtet: Liebessucht und Abhängigkeit. Sie unterstützt ihre Zuhörer dabei, die Verleugnung zu durchbrechen, ein hohes Maß an Bewusstsein zu schaffen, und teilt ihre besten Methoden, mit denen sie sich von dysfunktionalen und ungesunden Beziehungen befreit hat.s.  

Aleah ist auch Mitbegründerin von The Royal Path. Zusammen mit ihrem Geschäftspartner Dan Hart und ihrem Team bieten sie einzigartige Tiefenheilungs-Retreats, retreatsEinzel-, Gruppen- und Paar-Coaching, sowie Online-Programme an.Das erste Buch von The Royal Path wird im Herbst 2021 veröffentlicht.

Itinerary – A Week With Us

Saturday, Arrival Day

We open check-in from 4 pm where you will register and meet the team and participants in the beautiful settings of our Italian villa for the week. We will enjoy a tasty dinner followed by our first evening session. In a beautiful welcome ritual, we will get to know each other and set your intentions for the week ahead.

Day 1: Meeting The Mother

We’ll explore the concept of the psychological mother wound and the early absence of love. In a guided meditation, we will tune into the significance of the  mother-child relationship to slowly start opening ourselves up for this vast subject. We will look at what you need to heal when it comes to your mother wound. This day also includes attachment theory and inner child work.




Day 2: Permission To Dive Deeper

We will hold a powerful ritual where you ask for permission from your mother to dive deeper and do the necessary healing work around the mother wound. In the afternoon, you’ll meet your mother in a guided meditation and share your experience from a vulnerable and open space.

Day 3: Consequences Of The Early Absence Of Love

Face the consequences of the early absence of love and the impact it has had on your life, your relationships, and how you mother your own children. Those teachings will open up a space for sharing of feelings. We’ll also practice open-hearted relating to connect more deeply within our circle. In the evening, we will be nourishing our autonomic nervous systems to create harmony, safety, and balance.

Day 4: The Wheel Of Consent

Explore the wheel of consent, a somatic practice that helps you tune into a deeper awareness of your own bodily impulses in response to shared touch. While exploring the four dynamics of interaction that require different types of consent, you will also practice saying yes/no to better understand, honor, and reinforce your boundaries. The evening will hold a special surprise that you will love and remember for the rest of your life.


Day 5: Personal Boundaries

Dive deeper into boundaries–they’re vital to living a life as a sovereign queen. We’ll uncover what they are, why it is important to have them, and how to actually set them in a way that is efficient. We will also assess your current state of boundaries with significant people in your life.

Day 6: Pleasure

Dive into your pleasure body. Through bodily awareness exercises and sacred touch, you will reawaken the sensation of pleasure in your body. This is the day you turn into a blossoming flower radiating bliss and pleasure. A lot of giggles and laughter accompany that day. We’ll celebrate our journey with a real Queen’s dinner, enjoying tantalizing food, wine, and dessert.


Saturday: Departure Day

We will close any open loops and integrate the week with a ritual dressed up as Queens. You will be sent off with practical tips on how to go back into the real world again. Coming out of a process needs extra awareness as you have been opening up. Your boundaries and self-care practices are now more important than ever. You will look back at a deeply transformational experience and feel excited to apply everything you have learned to your life.



Goddesses On The Royal Path

Are You Ready To…

Spend an entire week amongst women?

Step shamelessly into your feminine essence?

Heal your psychological mother wound?

Get out of your head and into your body to discover and step deeper into your truth?

Create your desired Queendom?

Don’t Miss Out, Inquire Now!

PS: Hurry, as spaces are limited to 8 Queens only.

Goddesses On The Royal Path

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes you can as we pay careful attention to always respect your boundaries and desired tempo to progress. However, our intake interview will determine whether we think attending the retreat is safe enough for you.


Yes! Fortunately, we have very generous clients who are willing to support people in need of financial support. Every retreat always has one highly reduced spot available. If you would like to apply for funding, please write us a message.


If you come to our retreat, you will have to go OFFLINE for the entire week. This means no work, no unnecessary phone calls and no leaving before the retreat ends. It is vital for you to take out time to dedicate it fully to yourself and your process.


We are always happy to enable people to come to our retreats and are therefore happy to find agreements that work better for you.

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Wir haben ein besonderes Geschenk für dich kreiert - ein kostenloses E-Book, das dir einen Überblick darüber gibt, wie tiefe Heilung, emotionale Befreiung und positive dauerhafte Veränderung erreicht werden.

In unserem Buch sprechen wir darüber, warum es wichtig ist, sich der inneren Heilungsarbeit zu widmen, was wir denn tatsächlich heilen müssen und wie wir dies ermöglichen.

Du wirst in unsere selbst-entwickelte und einzigartige Methode namens Emotionales Recycling eingeführt und erfährst, was "spiritual bypassing" bedeutet. Ausserdem erfährst du ebenfalls wie spiritual bypassing dich in der nachhaltigen Heilung hindert. spiritual bypassing means.

Unserer Meinung nach ist emotionale Heilung essentiell. Auf dem Royal Path findest du Menschen, die diese Reise bereits durchlaufen haben. Wir wissen was es bedeutet sich der eigenen Heilung zu stellen. Und wir wissen, was nötig ist, um dich zum anderen Ende des Tunnels zu bringen. Lade dein kostenloses Exemplar jetzt runter!


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