The Royal Couple Retreat

Marry Your Needs For Safety And Freedom To Build Long-Term Happiness

We Cordially Invite You To A
Unique And Unforgettable Experience
Where You Will Deepen Your Relationship
And Reconnect With Your Partner

Villa Olivo
September 03 – 10, 2022
Le Marche – near Ancona – Italy


The Royal Couple Retreat Leads You To…

Deepen Your Emotional & Sexual Intimacy

Unlock the secret to intelligent relating and create true emotional and sexual intimacy with the power of conscious sexuality, non-violent communication, and loving vulnerability.

Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Couples often lack solid communication skills. This results in painful misunderstandings and endless discussions. Conscious communication is key for a successful relationship. Get our best tips to become expert communicators.

Fall In Love All Over Again

There is nothing more beautiful than loving your partner for who they are. Re-discovering and responding to your partner’s needs, values, and longings are key to lasting love. Explore what it takes to feel fully seen and appreciated, so you can fall in love all over again.

We are together for 15 years and attending a retreat as a couple has allowed us to discover each other on totally new levels. It was like a second honeymoon. The connection we have felt with each other has been magical. Seeing the other even more for who he/she really is inspires you and brings some extra acceptance and understanding towards your partner which ultimately leads to a deeper connection between us as well as more harmony in our family too.

Patricia & Jan, Marbella, Spain

Because Relationships 
Are Not Always Easy

We all long for real connection, passionate nights, meaningful conversations, and moments of magic, joy, and laughter with our beloveds. However, years, sometimes just months into the relationship the truth looks a little different.

Suddenly you might be facing a lack of connection and intimacy, challenges in communication, or dissatisfying sex. You might start feeling frustrated, resentful, hurt, and maybe even hopeless. 

No matter where you’re at–if you understand that relationships are the most powerful catalyst for healing and growth, you can turn those challenges into golden opportunities. During this retreat, we will spoil you and your partner so you can focus entirely on your sacred couple’s space and turn your relationship into a fountain of inspiration, creativity, and happiness.

Find Renewed Appreciation
For Your Partner

Quality time is essential for every couple. That’s why we invite you to an exceptional couple’s experience in a unique luxurious Italian estate.

During the 6 full days you will be diving into a balanced structure of group and individual coaching sessions, exercises, meditations and fine dining with some exciting surprises.

Every couple gets enough space to bring their journey into a sacred field of growth and expansion. Dan and Aleah will guide you through the week, providing their unique approach to relational intelligence. In your free time you get to enjoy the many features of this estate, such as an incredible Spa and Gym area, a heated outside pool, and the stunning surrounding nature.

During this week, you will redefine the way you relate to each other. You will strengthen your base and find a new appreciation for your sacred union. You will also leave with new tools that will enable you to continue relating in a mature and conscious way with each other post-retreat.

The Royal Couple Retreat Highlights

Enjoy And Strengthen Your Sacred Couple Space

For an entire week it is all about you and your partner without children, work and practicalities. You will embark on a journey of exploration together and nourish your relationship with new exciting experiences and a deepened sense of trust, appreciation and intimacy.

Unrivalled Luxurious Italian 5 Star Villa

We have chosen one of the most exclusive luxurious italian villas possible for you to spend an unforgettable week with your partner. In this way this is not just a retreat, but potentially a second honeymoon. The estate has been featured in Vogue, Conde Nast Traveller and Elle Decor.

Relational Intelligence

Apart from parenting, nothing is as hard as intimately and successfully relating to another human being. The reasons being that our partners trigger all of our buttons and if we don’t have the tools to navigate what comes up, we will never truly evolve and establish real sexual and emotional intimacy. We will provide you with all the necessary and efficient tools that will support you in navigating the challenges.

Get Inspired by Other Couples

When it comes to relating, we all face difficulties, blockages and barriers. They might look different, but they’re all similarly challenging. Getting insight into other people’s relationship highlights and struggles will enrich your own like nothing else. You might also find like minded new friends for life.

Bring Eros Back Into Your Relationship

Bring back the sparks into your relationship and learn about the components to keep the sparks alive long-term. Learn what creates strong sexual polarity (attraction) and redefine the way you make love to each other. Apart from that you will learn the differences about how men and women experience and desire pleasure.

Get To Know Your Partner On An Even Deeper Level

Over time we might lose sight of who our partner is in their essence and we take them for granted. In this retreat you will get to know your partner on a much deeper level and discover more of their magic that made you fall in love in the first place.

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Life Is Too Short To Not
Love To The Fullest

Love is the fountain of life. If love does not work and you have bad or no sex, you miss out on the magic. There’s nothing more important than love, sex and amazing relationships. You might not believe that right now, but it’s true.

Love can be the most wonderful, heart-opening and nourishing wonder. However, almost nothing is as hard as intimately relating with a significant other. One of the reasons why it is so hard is because love is often mistaken. What you’ve been taught about love has often not much to do with it. Healthy, mature, and compassionate relationships are here or one reason: mutual growth and healing. 

Sooner or later, you have no other option but to deal with what comes up. That’s when you and your partner show up even more and make that commitment to do the work. We’ll show you how.

Here’s What You’ll Learn…


Relational Intelligence

Bring back the spark in your relationship. Discover what it takes to increase, nurture, and sustain sexual energy in daily life. Reawaken the juice that makes your relationship thrive.


The Art Of Eros

Bring back the spark in your relationship. Discover what it takes to increase, nurture, and sustain sexual energy in daily life. Reawaken the juice that makes your relationship thrive.


Conscious Sexuality

Unlock the powerful potential of conscious sexuality and the differences between feminine and masculine pleasure. Liberate your fears and shame that keep you from fully expressing your sexual needs, longings, and desires to create a satisfying and fulfilling sex life.


Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Learn non-violent communication skills that result in efficient, intimate, and authentic conversations. Strengthen the bond and trust between the both of you and increase compassion & empathy towards each other.


Boundaries & Consent

Learn about the importance of boundaries and consent in relationships. Discover how they promote sexual attraction, increase your sense of self within the relationship, and build greater trust and respect. 


Authentic & Vulnerable Intimacy

The success of your relationship is directly correlated to how comfortable you are with vulnerability and emotional discomfort. Holding space and being present with each other leads to both partners feeling seen and validated in their experience.


Overwhelmed By Life, Kids & The Daily Grind?

Quality time and sacred couple space should be a priority. Overwhelm is mostly about kids, work, and other practicalities. When everyday life, combined with growing resentment and frustration, takes over, it robs your relationship of the much-needed intimacy, closeness, and glory.

A marriage or relationship thrives when you’re falling in love with your partner over and over again. As the years go by, your partner will keep changing their values, behavior, needs, and longings. You have to remain present enough to see who they are becoming. Rediscover your partner on a level of depth you probably have not experienced so far. That’s where the magic begins.

Here’s What You’ll Receive…

Luxurious 5-Star Accommodation

You and your partner have your own double bedroom designed with personality. All bedrooms are spacious and well-appointed with en-suite bathrooms and a private terrace or balcony, complete with panoramic views of the surrounding hills and the Adriatic sea.

Tasty Organic Italian Food

Designed for the foodie, Villa Olivo has an appointed kitchen and is donned with many inspiring indoor and outdoor eating spaces as well as a huge gas barbecue. Savor freshly prepared, authentic Italian food from morning to night. We will be offering organic-only food and are mindful of your dietary needs (gluten-free and vegan options are available). Meals do not contain meat but fresh local fish.

Workshops & Group Coaching Sessions

Workshops, teachings, exclusive individual and group coaching sessions, physical activities as well as meditations are all included in the price. The villa has a newly constructed studio where all our sessions will be held. It overlooks the villa’s very own olive grove and the sea.

Access To The Pool, SPA & Gym

The villa includes a complete SPA with a 6-seater jacuzzi, a steam room, sauna, and a shower ‘emotionale’ with scented water for ultimate relaxation. You can also work out in the gym with the latest Technogym equipment.

Exciting Surprises

We include exciting surprises because we love to spoil you and give you a once in a lifetime experience in beautiful Italy.

Your Investment

The Price Includes:

  • Accomodation (7 nights)
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Workshops, Meditations, Teaching & Coachings
  • Access to pool, spa and gym
  • Exciting Surprises

Not Included: Travel Costs

EUR 7500 (Per Couple)

Meet Your Facilitators

In den letzten 15 Jahren haben wir uns auf einen lebensverändernden (und königlichen!) Weg des persönlichen Wachstums und der emotionalen Heilung begeben.

Wir haben alles ausprobiert, von Tantra bis Therapie.

Wir verbrachten Jahre in intensiver Einzeltherapie, Primärtherapie (primal therapy), Inneres-Kind-Arbeit und ursprünglicher Schmerzarbeit (original pain work). Wir haben uns mit den Vor- und Nachteilen bewusster Sexualität, Tantra und Tantra-Therapie befasst.

Unsere gemeinsame Reise führte uns auch zur Familienkonstellationsarbeit sowie zu verschiedenen Formen der Meditation und des Mindset-Trainings.

7 dieser 15 Jahre lang gingen wir als Liebende Seite an Seite, bevor wir uns losließen und uns selbst auf neues Territorium wagten.

Jetzt sind wir als Freunde und Geschäftspartner wieder vereint und zeigen dir die Erkenntnisse unserer gemeinsamen, gelebten Erfahrung.

Teachers that have inspired us over the years include titans like John Bradshaw, Arthur Janov, Gabor Mate and David Deida, to name but a few. Dank ihnen und vielen anderen Mentoren haben wir die grundlegenden Vorteile dieser Tiefenheilungsarbeit aus erster Hand erfahren.

Wir haben The Royal Path gegründet, weil wir glauben, dass Heilung nicht länger optional ist.

It’s something we all have to go through sooner or later. To grow. To evolve. To thrive.

In Wahrheit ist diese Reise eine Kontinuierliche, die uns stetig mehr Freude, Klarheit und Erfüllung bringt.
Wir wachsen und lernen gemeinsam mit dir.

Es ist die Bereitschaft, stetig tiefer in unsere Gefühlswelt einzutauchen, die es uns schlussendlich ermöglicht, in einen immer größer werdenden Zustand der Leichtigkeit, Klarheit, Freude und des Glücks einzutauchen.

Your Itinerary – A Week With Us

Arrival Day: Check-In At The Olivieto Estate

We open check-in on arrival day from 4 pm. Enjoy free time with your partner, explore your private bedroom (with ensuite bathroom), a breathtaking view over the Adriatic coast, a tennis court, an incredible SPA and GYM area, and the heated outside pool to use to land in paradise. After dinner, we will start with our first session with a warm welcome ceremony. You’ll get to know the other couples and we will set our intention for the week ahead.

Day 1: Conscious, Authentic & Non-Violent Communication

Opening yourself up for the week ahead. Through different exercises and teachings around conscious, authentic, and non-violent communication, you will start letting go of your day-to-day life and dive deeper into your sacred couple space. Subtle adjustments in communication will contribute immediately to a more fulfilling exchange.

Day 2: Relational Intelligence

Broaden your understanding of relationship dynamics, relationship challenges, and their potential. We’ll share tools and concepts that will help you uplevel the way you relate to each other. We will also introduce Emotional Recycling, our signature method to work through any relationship issues. Understand the purpose of your relationship and realize how you can best serve and support each other throughout life.

Day 3: Needs & Boundaries

Explore each other’s needs and values and identify your individual love language. You will also learn about respect, and how to better honor your boundaries through the wheel of consent. This is not only crucial but extremely powerful when it comes to feeling loved and seen. It enables you to make your partner truly happy and avoids the disappointment of unrealistic expectations.

Day 4: The Art Of Eros

Dive into the important elements that contribute to strong(er) sexual attraction (polarity). You will also learn about the healthy masculine and feminine and the differences in pleasure between men and women. This day will bring back and/or intensify the spark and pleasure within your relationship and add more fun and aliveness to your day-to-day experience.

Day 5: Conscious Sexuality

Learn about the difference between mainstream sexuality vs. conscious sexuality. You and your partner will be intrigued to understand what conscious lovemaking entails and you will deepen the understanding of the importance of pleasure. Remove the potential barriers that block you and your partner from a fulfilled, sensual, and free expression of your heart’s desires.

Day 6: Reflection, Integration & Celebration

Integrate everything you have learned during the week, define your relationship code of honor, and declare your new commitment for each other. We will also close open loops and answer any questions you might have. In the evening, we will let loose and celebrate your love with an amazing dinner party and special ritual.

Departure Day: Conclusion

The retreat will end at 1 pm with a closing ceremony. You will leave with an uplifted, grateful, and deeply satisfying feeling that will carry you through the next couple of months. Please make sure you book your flight late enough so you don’t have to leave early; it’s important that you stay until the official ending.

Are You Ready To…

Make your relationship your fountain of inspiration, emotional fulfillment, joy, and true happiness?​

Create a deep level of intimacy between you and your partner?

Cultivate a conscious and awakened relationship built on honesty, trust and authenticity?​

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! Our retreats are held for a small number of participants on purpose (only 5 couples) as this allows us to dedicate our attention, time and energy to every couple and provide a signature journey of expansion that will allow you both to work on the issues you come with.


Yes! Every participant and staff member will sign a non-disclosure agreement on the day of arrival. Everything you will share in the circle will remain in the circle. We are aware that exposing yourself is a vulnerable thing to do and we take every measurement to make you feel safe.


No! This retreat is all about deepening and expanding your intimate relationship. You will be invited to explore with your partner only.


No! There will not be any sexual intercourse in the workshop space. This level of intimacy will only be explored in your private bedroom.

Kick-Start Your Transformation Now With Our Free Ebook!

Wir haben ein besonderes Geschenk für dich kreiert - ein kostenloses E-Book, das dir einen Überblick darüber gibt, wie tiefe Heilung, emotionale Befreiung und positive dauerhafte Veränderung erreicht werden.

In unserem Buch sprechen wir darüber, warum es wichtig ist, sich der inneren Heilungsarbeit zu widmen, was wir denn tatsächlich heilen müssen und wie wir dies ermöglichen.

Du wirst in unsere selbst-entwickelte und einzigartige Methode namens Emotionales Recycling eingeführt und erfährst, was "spiritual bypassing" bedeutet. Ausserdem erfährst du ebenfalls wie spiritual bypassing dich in der nachhaltigen Heilung hindert. spiritual bypassing means.

Unserer Meinung nach ist emotionale Heilung essentiell. Auf dem Royal Path findest du Menschen, die diese Reise bereits durchlaufen haben. Wir wissen was es bedeutet sich der eigenen Heilung zu stellen. Und wir wissen, was nötig ist, um dich zum anderen Ende des Tunnels zu bringen. Lade dein kostenloses Exemplar jetzt runter!


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