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High-Level Benefits Of 1:1 Counselling

Deep Emotional & Sexual Intimacy

Relationships thrive when there is trust, playfulness, authentic connection and mutual vulnerability. Say goodbye to shallow conversations, boring sex and boring routines. Instead welcome a new kind of conscious relating that will deepen your connection and bring eros back into your bedroom. This coaching will have you show up for your partner in a way that you have never before. 

Conscious Communication

Is key for any successful relationship. You will learn that the way you speak with your partner can either make or break a challenging situation. You will become impeccable with your words and understand what it takes for your message to be received the way you intended to. This includes non-violent communication as much as learning to vulnerably express your needs, wishes and desires.

Relationship Satisfaction

You will massively increase your general wellbeing and relationship satisfaction. You will also realise that relationships and conscious sexuality is the most powerful source of happiness and inspiration to tackle life’s challenges. Everything seems easier if we have someone that has got our back. You will team up instead of fight against each other and enjoy the beautiful friendship that is being deepened as you continue this journey.

Become Supreme Lovers

If you both desire an upgrade when it comes to your sex life, you can dive into the realm of conscious sexuality with us. Together you are slowly building a sacred space that belongs only to you as a couple. You will learn what it takes to gift your partner with incredible orgasmic pleasure and let go of shallow fast-food sex that leaves either of you potentially unsatisfied. Instead discover the incredible potential conscious sexuality can bring to your bedroom. We guarantee you absolute bliss and happiness.

Turn A Crisis Into Evolution

Relationships will consist of difficult moments of crisis. The question is how you navigate the upheaval. Will you let it destroy your union or will you leverage it to evolve to the next level of deeper trust and emotional intimacy? A crisis is always an opportunity if handled with care. The counselling enables you both to be guided through the stormy waters and ensures to consider both your perspectives which will lead to a mutual understanding and validation of each others’  felt experience. 

Prevent Relationship Breakdown

Too many couples start counselling out of sheer necessity and often when things are already extremely conflicted. Doing this work pro-actively will give you the best chances to make your relationship not just survive but thrive. Instead of missing core moments to address what needs addressing you ensure that resentment, frustration and anger won’t build up to the point of no return.

Couples counselling has led to the needed honest conversations that might have hurt, but ultimately led to more truth and therewith clarity. Watching each other in our vulnerabilities has created a greater understanding of who we are as individuals and of what made us the way we are today. Having an outside source to help you navigate the challenges is something we can recommend whole-heartedly. 

Alexis & Dom, San Francisco, USA

Navigating Crises

Perhaps your relationship is going through a moment of crisis that brings a lot of difficulties to the table. You might no longer be able to communicate with each other without it ending in an eruption of a volcano. Maybe you feel that you have lost trust in each other or even experience deep resentment, anger and frustration. 

It might be possible that one of you has cheated on the other and therewith broken one of the most sacred of vows. It might feel impossible for you to rebuild the much needed trust and you feel hurt and further apart from your partner than ever. 

Another reason couples often ask for help is when one or both have started to withdraw attention and affection. The feelings of rejection can burn themselves so deeply into the relationship that we become too embarassed to even ask. This includes both sexual and emotional affection and attention which are both essential stepping stones to a satisfying relationship. 

No matter how hopeless you feel, turning a crisis around is very possible if given the right guidance and effort to make it happen. It takes radical honesty, conscious effort and the validation of both peoples feelings as a starting point. From that place you can slowly rebuild the bridges to connect again.


Conscious Sexuality Immersion

As time goes on we might loose the spark in the bedroom and start wondering if that was it. Do we just have to accept that at some point in the relationship sex is getting boring and attraction gets lost? Here is the good news; No way! Just as everything else, your sexuality too wants to evolve and develop. Erotic intelligence needs to be learned just as everything else too.

Conscious sexuality will bring you a different and more sophisticated understanding of your mutual sexual potential. Most couples have not even scratched their potential and often do not even realise what they are missing out. What if you could make your partner enjoy pleasure that makes their whole body shake? What if we told you that there is a way to make love that does not put you under pressure being yet another thing where you have to perform well?

Many people don’t know about the power of a conscious sexuality as a tool for expansion, deepening and growth in a relationship. Feminine and masculine pleasure vary quite a bit and it is only through increasing our awareness and the practising of a different approach that we can enjoy a pleasure-filled sexuality with  authentic and lasting attraction.

This field can include working through shame, sexual abuse, numbness or sexual dysfunctions. Apart from counselling we also offer a more practical approach through sacred bodywork. This includes breath work, conscious loving touch, tantra massages , heart-vagina/penis healing sessions to help release numbness and reawaken your pleasure. 

Conscious Uncoupling

Conscious uncoupling is based on the idea of parting amicably with mutual respect intact honouring the needs of any children involved. It also includes both parties to practice self-reflection as an important foundation of the process.

During the process we gain awareness of the idea that every irritation and destructive argument with our partner ultimately connects back to unresolved wounds from the past that often sabotage the relationship. It’s more often the echo of an old emotional pain that wants to be healed in order to regain a missing part of our heart.

In other words the significant relationships in our lifes are often here for mutual healing and growth and the earlier we become aware of their potential for healing the sooner we will find ourselves in happy, satisfying and long-lasting relationships.

It is conscious uncoupling that prevents families from breaking by separation and instead creates expanded families that add value to everyone involved. Conscious uncoupling brings wholeness to everyones spirit and fosters efficient and constructive co-parenting as well as an increase in self-love, self-acceptance and forgiveness.

It helps to remember that children are imitators by nature and the way you show up in such a delicate situation will teach them for life. Dont fall for the idea that it serves the children to stay in a dysfunctional relationship out of your own feeling of guilt. They are way too intelligent to buy your pretence. Instead, show them how its done in a mature, compassionate and loving way and they will find much comfort in your mature clarity.

Preventive Couples Counselling

Almost nothing is as hard as successfully and intimately relating with a significant other. Most of us have not had positive and inspiring role models when it comes to mature, loving and compassionate relationships. As a result, too often, we just copy the behaviour we observed in our parents while growing up.

Albeit, relationships being a central theme in our life, not even at school are we being taught how to relate successfully. So if you want to get good at it, you have to master it. 

There are many tools to be applied for successful relating and a lot to be learned about relationship enhancement and education. In this way you can proactively increase your relationship satisfaction and deepen your commitment and prevent relationship breakdown. 

The beginnings are often easy. It is when we miss the moments where things need to be addressed, resolved and cared for that we allow resentment to build up. We have to nourish and water our relationship with our utmost care and dedicate enough of our undivided attention to it. Don’t let your lack of attention and knowledge determine the faith of your relationship. Deal with it today so you can keep enjoying it tomorrow. 









Our coaching in the end turned out to be a conscious uncoupling that none of us had hoped to ever having to do. Sometimes two people just grow apart over time and as much as it is hard to let go of a relationship (especially when you have a kid involved) in the end it was liberating for our entire family. Uncoupling with love and understanding builds an important basis for a co-parenting space based on mutual respect and support. We are glad we had help in navigating the hurt, disappointment and frustration and each take responsibility for the behavior that had led to the break-up.

Larissa & Martin, Wien, Austria

What You Receive


Each session lasts 90 minutes and is either held online (video call) or personal in house depending on the scope of the session and your location. 


During our collaboration you will receive input for books we would like you to read and dive into. You will also be given homework to support your process.


Once you work with us you have us in your corner. This includes access to our personal phone numbers where you are invited to reach out in between sessions via whatsapp messages.

Ready For Liberation?


Schedule A Call

We invite you for a personal and confidential video call with either Aleah or Dan where we learn about your situation and your desired outcome. The call will already offer you great insight and will allow us both to feel into each other and understand if we are the right match to safely embark on a powerful journey together.


Receive Clarity

After our call you will know precisely what to expect when embarking on The Royal Path with us.

You will learn about the right solution supporting you best on your current situation. You will also receive a personalized offer to make an empowered decision. 


Start Your Journey

If you say yes to a life-changing journey, you will receive our Royal Path intake questionnaire and a little surprise directly delivered to your doorstep. It is our heartfelt thank you for choosing us to start your adventure. If on the other hand it was not (yet) the right time for you, you are invited to make use of our free online resources to support you as much as we possibly can.


The Queen

The Queen

A seven day deep dive into creating your Queendom with Aleah Ava & Team

The Royal Path

The Royal Path

Our signature deep healing and personal growth retreat to release years of trauma in the safest and most natural way.

The Royal Couple

The Royal Couple

Our luxurious signature Couple’s retreat to deepen your relationship and reconnect with your partner.

Meet Aleah/Dan

For the past 15 years, Aleah and Dan, founders of The Royal Path, have been engaging consciously in the personal growth and deep healing realm. Their backgrounds consist of participation and education in a multitude of therapeutic and spiritual courses, trainings and retreats such as Primal Therapy in Los Angeles, Inner Child Work, Original Pain-work, Conscious Sexuality, Tantra and Tantra Therapy. Their journey also included Family Constellation as well as various forms of meditation and a living in a heightened state of awareness

It is their fearless willingness to continuously dive deeper into the essence of their own being that created the profound understanding, heightened sensitivity and supreme clarity when it comes to dynamics of human nature, relationships, the realm of healing and personal growth.

Aleah & Dan have been in a relationship for almost 7 years consciously walking and practicing the path of authentic and intimate relating before letting go of their intimate relationship. They both set off on their individual journey to implement the learnings. They later re-united as trustful and inspired business partners based on a purely platonic friendship.

Their work is highly inspired by the teachings of: John Bradshaw, Arthur Janov and David Deida.

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