The Royal Path Retreat

Let Go Of The Past To Be Fully Alive With Love & Purpose


The Royal Path Retreat Leads You To…

Release Childhood Trauma

Safely release old core wounding so they stop sabotaging your life and hurting the people you love. Get comfortable with emotional discomfort so you can feel stable no matter what challenge life offers you.

Increase Your Self-Worth

In this retreat you will be met with unconditional love and presence that makes you feel welcome in exactly the way you are. Expect sudden boosts in confidence and let yourself be surprised by how differently you show up in the world.

Empower Yourself

Get clear on what you want (and don’t want) in life. After the retreat, you will enjoy the ripple effects of a more whole, expanded version of yourself. Unearth your authentic self that has been buried under layers of repressed feelings and shine bright like a diamond.

Hear It Directly From A Graduate Of The Royal Path Retreat

Healing Services for Women

The Key To Happiness Is Found In Childhood

Depression, anxiety, addictions, and unsatisfying relationships are everywhere. Whatever isn’t working in life can be traced back to adverse childhood experiences, especially the absence of secure love.

The feelings you encountered as a result of painful experiences made you suffer silently for too long. When you think of revisiting the past and the feelings you experienced then, you might feel scared because you don’t want to suffer (again).

But the truth is that allowing those repressed feelings is one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself. It allows you to finally be seen and feel validated for who you are.

There’s no way you can feel bliss if your system is busy with constant repression. Feeling and integrating your painful experiences is essential to wholehearted living. Without a doubt, you are capable of healing to a point where your heart reawakens, developing its full capacity to love and be loved.

Healing Work Is Layer Work

Getting to the core of your issues is an art form. It’s almost like peeling an onion. It’s a complex process that requires working through various layers. Working together, we’ll tackle possible roadblocks along the way and we will find ways to consciously bypass your brains’ perfectly crafted psychological defense mechanisms.

Your brain is doing a brilliant job in protecting you from emotional upheaval, and it will do anything to protect you from more suffering. In order to bypass your protective brain, it needs to make various experiences where it registered that it was safe to touch on core wounding.

It’s essential that we respect and honor the tempo of your soul. We can’t rush through this. Slow and steady wins the game. This way, we’ll safely approach the bittersweet pain of grief that lies dormant in your heart and create new positive imprints that allow your brain to dare more and more. Layer by layer you’ll release past hurt and you’ll start to break free from emotional suffering.

The Royal Path with its signature healing method Emotional Recycling offers you a natural and holistic approach to lasting healing. We will help you break through your barriers and naturally and carefully guide you to where you need to go to ensure life-changing breakthroughs.


I was able to relax and release the years of trauma and tension accumulated in my body because I was finally in a container of safety and security. I was revived through acts of love to me, especially when I found it hard to love myself in the first place. I unearthed the Self that was buried and smothered beneath many layers and revealed my inner Queen and most potent feminine essence. I felt like I was born again.

Torrey Lisa, Colorado Springs, United States

The Royal Path Retreat Highlights

Letting Go Of Defenses

Living in defense keeps us from connecting authentically with other people and therefore keeps us separate and lonely. It also prevents us from accessing our deeper and more repressed feelings. Step by step we will naturally and safely guide you to let go of your unique defenses to do the necessary healing work. It will enable you to live life in a real, authentic and open-hearted way.


It is vulnerability that creates love and connection and allows for intimate relationships to thrive. Daring to be vulnerable holds phenomenal positive power even if it might be scary in the beginning. Once the key to vulnerability is unlocked it automatically creates incredible courage and turns shame into an unshakable confidence of who we are.

The Power Of Exposure

Nothing is as powerful as the tool of exposure. Letting other people truly see us by exposing ourselves is a vital stepping stone when it comes to healing. Exposure equals feeling validated and seen which at our core is what we have always been longing for. At the beginning it might feel impossible and one of the scariest things to do. However, once leveraged, it is also the most liberating and powerful tool for positive and lasting transformation.

Breaking Through Shame

Most of us carry an immeasurable amount of shame about who we are, how we think and what we do. This type of toxic shame keeps us from stepping up, tapping into our essence and live-up to our full potential. It is time to stop feeling inadequate or not good enough. Breaking through shame results in a life lived unapologetically YOU and provides a deep sense of personal sovereignty and empowerment.

A Full Blown Awakening Of The Heart

Learn and embody what it means to live with an open and vulnerable heart. Connecting with your own and other people’s pain cracks you wide open and will lead to sincere empathy and compassion for yourself and others. You will get an extraordinary chance to love and be loved in return. Living with an open heart will bring you many real and authentic human connections and massively increase your level of self-love.

A Pure Exceptional Human Experience

Those are words coming from one of our graduates. What does it actually mean to be human? This week will give you precisely that, a re-connection to the most magical and powerful aspects of being human. You will be touched in ways you might not have been before and nourished on the deepest level possible. You will leave with a new sense of appreciation and clarity of who you are and how you want to show up in this world.

Are You Ready To Put Yourself First?

Whatever your situation looks like, we are here for you.

You might feel lonely, depressed, experience a gut-wrenching heartache or are dealing with loss.

Perhaps you struggle in your intimate relationship or haven’t yet found a person you can share your love with?

If you want to get over these challenges for good, this retreat will get you there.

Are you ready to put YOURSELF first and choose YOU?

Then book your FREE discovery call now!

This retreat was intense, and at the same time wonderful. It enabled me to dive deeply into my inner world, better understand myself, and as a result show up differently in my life. I’ve learned to pay close attention to my feelings, acknowledge them, and express them in a healthy way.
Aleah, Dan, and Ismaele were so loving, and helped me process the emotions I didn’t want to address from my past – things I normally would not feel comfortable sharing. The retreat truly gives you the opportunity to go deep in a safe environment, and the team is with you every step of the way. 

Vinoth, Philadelphia, USA

Your Time Is Now!

You only have one precious life so healing truly is no longer optional.

Humanity is in pain, and it’s time to shed light on what got us there.

A new earth starts with you. So let’s do this!

Here’s What You Will Learn In The Royal Path Retreat


Trust & Surrender

Learning to trust and surrender when things get difficult are tools for life. They bring you more relaxation, less frustration, and greater flow. Develop unshakable resilience to get you through any challenging situation life throws you.


Holding Space

Holding space in intimate relationships is essential for quality interactions. It enables you to see and love your partner for who they are. It will not only make you someone people trust but an exceptional parent too. People will gravitate towards you, feeling safe in your presence. Plus, you become more interesting and attractive.

Authentic Compassion & Real Empathy

Do you find yourself judging others? Judgment is not something you choose, but something that happens involuntarily. There’s a reason for that. In this retreat, you will learn about those reasons and transform your judgment into compassion and empathy. This way, you will be able to understand someone else’s perspective and connect more deeply with them.


The Art Of Emotional Recycling

Emotional Recycling is based on our intense study and deep understanding of the human condition, our own personal healing journeys, and the more than 15 years of walking the path to emotional liberation.

Becoming Comfortable With Emotional Discomfort

We’re so used to repress and deny what we’re feeling. Those feelings, however, never go away; they amplify and create havoc and make us act out. Learning to ride the waves of discomfort and taking full responsibility is a more mature way of relating. It allows you to be in charge of your emotions and your happiness.

Releasing Toxic Shame

Toxic shame about who you are keeps you from living a free and happy life. Discover the main sources of toxic shame and how it keeps you in hiding and isolation. Receive an imprint of being good the way you are and stop being a prisoner of shame and fear. You’ll integrate the disowned parts of yourself and stop living a shame-based life.

Are You In Doubt Whether Or Not
You Are Ready For This Journey?

You’re still reading this, which means part of you is ready and longs for such a journey. However, you might also hesitate and feel fear of change, of the unknown, or of letting go and losing control. Those fears are normal. Instead of letting them overwhelm you, leverage them. Take a leap of faith, trust your inner guidance, and choose YOU!

Remember your heart’s deepest longings and declare out loud that healing and growth are no longer optional. All you have to do is show up and bring your most solid commitment to embark on this journey. We’ve got your back!

Elements Of The Royal Path Retreat


Trigger Work

Triggers are gold and worth millions of dollars of therapy. We will leverage the incredible value of your emotional triggers to get to the feelings behind them and understand how they connect to your current struggles.


Vulnerability is essential for intimate relating. With our support, you’ll discover how powerful vulnerability is, become comfortable with it, and see the strength it offers.

Embodiment Excercises

Feelings, aliveness and pleasure happen in the body. Let it be your compass and guide you towards a more joyful and pleasure-filled life.

Decoding Drama & Mastery Of Feelings

Learn how to conduct and own your feelings instead of unconsciously acting them out on the people around you. Become an Emotional Recycler who has learned a mature way of relating.


Kings & Queens Qualities

Integrate healthy masculine and feminine qualities within so you can step up and become the King & Queen you are.


Inner Child & Original Pain Work

Learn about and understand how your wounded inner child subconsciously sabotages your (love) life and relationships and what it takes to heal those wounds.

Conscious Anger Work

Change your relationship with anger by expressing it in a healthy and secure way. Anger is crucial if you want to feel more alive and empowered. Let it unleash your creativity and leverage it for the driving force it truly is.


Meditation is a fundamental part during our week together as it helps you ground. There will be a mix of active and passive meditations all aimed at quieting the mind to enable reflection and insight into your process.

I was at the lowest point in my life when I came to the retreat and I didn’t know where to go from there. I thought I needed to find a way out only to realize that I actually needed to find a way in. Aleah and Dan helped me connect back to my heart and hurt, but also to my inner warrior who is capable to resolve the difficulties I still have in my life. I felt a lot lighter and more at peace then when I had arrived and I look forward to getting things done now. 

MICHELLE, Ibiza, Spain

Here Is What You’ll Get


You can choose between single, double or triple room accommodation. Single rooms have their own bathroom whereas double and triple share a bathroom.


We will serve a delicious and healthy vegan diet with focus on a liver clense to additionally support your emotional detox process. If you have special dietary needs let us know so we can adjust.



A typical day will start around 8 am and finish shortly before 10 pm. In between sessions, you will have shorts breaks and always enjoy a good night’s sleep with plenty of rest.


Counseling & Therapy

This retreat contains of a small group of max. 8 participants. In this way we can offer you enough individual counseling to make it a truly personal healing experience for you.



A mix of active and passive meditations will be part of our daily structure to help you ground yourself, rebalance, and support the ongoing integration process.

Exciting Surprises

All our workshops hold magical surprises for our participants. For these reasons, we kindly ask you not to talk about the group structure to avoid spoiler alert. Thank you.


Your Investment

The Price Includes:

  • Accomodation (7 nights)
  • Healthy Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Workshops, Meditations, Teaching & Counseling
  • Outdoor Activties
  • Exciting Surprises

Not Included: Travel Costs

Workshop fee: 1’950.00 €

Plus Food & Accommodation:

950.00 €  Single Room
850.00 €  Double Room (double bed)
750.00 €  Double Room (single bed)

Meet Your Facilitators

During the past 15 years, we’ve immersed ourselves on a life-changing (and royal!) path of personal growth and emotional healing and liberation.

We did it all, from tantra to therapy.

We spent years in intensive, one-on-one, Primal Therapy, Inner Child Work, and Original Pain Work. We dove head-long into exploring the ins and outs of conscious sexuality, tantra, and tantra therapy. 

Our shared journey also led us to family constellation work, as well as various forms of meditation and mindset-training.

In 2020 we have decided that as friends we want to create a sustainable business that will help awaken and heal humanity just a we did. 

Together, we bring you the treasures of our shared, lived experiences. We support men, women and couples in navigating their personal journey of healing and liberation.

We know that it’s something we all have to go through sooner or later. To grow. To evolve. To thrive.

We created The Royal Path because we believe that YOU are made for an epic life.

In truth, this journey toward greater joy, clarity, and fulfillment is an ongoing one. And we are *always* growing and learning with you. 

It’s our willingness to constantly dive deeper into the mysteries that enables us to elevate YOU further into an ever-expanding state of ease, clarity, joy and happiness.

Itinerary – A Week With Us

Saturday, Arrival At The Retreat Venue

We open check-in from 4pm. After dinner, we will start with our first evening session, where you will get to know the team and your fellow travelers. In the meantime you can get settled into your room, enjoy the silent surrounding, and possibly the pool area. 

Day 1: Opening Up

Gently and slowly, we start opening ourselves up for the week ahead. Through teachings and exercises, you’ll look at your defense mechanisms, experience your first breathwork as well as an active meditation. We will also open up the sharing circle, where Aleah and Dan will work with you individually in the circle so you can start your personal healing journey.

Day 2: Shame, Fear & Vulnerability

Those three words might trigger fear or resistance. But once people are in our field, they quickly dare to explore their shame and fear. Consciously tapping into your shame and fears and daring to express them vulnerably will bring you release and liberation. You will never be asked to do anything that does not feel right for you. Your yes, and your no matters.

Day 3: Inner Child

The inner child represents innocence, joy, wonder, awe, playfulness, and sensitivity. But the inner child also carries childhood fears, traumas, hurt, and anger. As adults, we may be convinced that we have ‘moved on’ and left our childhood selves behind. You may even judge your childhood self for being sensitive. But when you deny your inner child, you unconsciously will be controlled by it. Adults, despite their best intentions, are not able to self-direct their own lives and make good choices. Instead, they are guided by their wounded, hurt, angry, fearful, and rejected inner child. This day will be dedicated to start building the connection with your inner child. You might be impressed by what it has to share with you.


Day 4: Healthy Anger

Most of us have a twisted relationship with anger because we have not learned the healthy expression of anger. Many of us only know misplaced anger, and as a result we might have shut anger down completely, repress it, deny it, or fear it. Some might get angry easily and repeat the experienced behavior. This day will be dedicated to shifting our understanding about anger, owning our anger, and healthily express it. It’s how we claim back lost pieces of ourselves. In the evening, we separate into women’s and men’s groups.

Day 5: Kings & Queens Qualities

On this day, women and men will spend the day separately. We will dive deep into the divine masculine and feminine qualities and discuss and explore various gender-related topics. We’ll try to answer all your questions around sexuality, being a man or woman, relationships, and sexual and emotional intimacy. 

The evening will hold our signature Royal Dinner where Kings & Queens will meet again. What happens during this wonderful experience shall remain a secret for now.


Day 6: The Royal Throne

The Royal Throne is another signature experience of The Royal Path. We won’t spoil anything yet here, but trust us when we say that it is a suitable conclusion for the week we have experienced together. You will surely be deeply moved, and remember your moment on the throne for a life-time. 


Saturday: Departure Day

The retreat will end at around 1-2 pm on Saturday. The morning session will be all about rounding up the experience and closing it with a beautiful ritual. You will leave with an uplifted, grateful, and deeply satisfying feeling that will carry you through the next couple of months with a new understanding and appreciation of who you are. Please make sure you book your flight late enough so you don’t have to leave early as integration is an important part of our journey together.



Are You Ready To…

Liberate yourself from the shackles of your past and embark on a journey towards more joy, happiness and fulfillment?

Have your heart cracked wide open and start connecting with others on a much deeper level?

Explore the power of your vulnerability to positively impact the way you relate with your family, friends and intimate partner?

Get out of your head and into your body to discover and step deeper into your truth?

Learn the art of Emotional Recycling to quit acting out in relationships and instead learn to be vulnerable so you can create more intimacy and trust?

Step into the healthy masculine/feminine and live life from the core of your being?



Need A Bit More Convincing? Watch This Video Now…

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes you can as we pay careful attention to always respect your boundaries and desired tempo to progress. However, our intake interview will determine whether we think attending the retreat is the right thing for you.


If you come to our retreat, you will have to go OFFLINE for the entire week. This means no work, no unnecessary phone calls and no leaving before the retreat ends. It is vital for you to take out time to dedicate it fully to yourself and your process.


We are always happy to enable people to come to our retreats and are therefore happy to find agreements that work better for you.


Yes! Fortunately, we have very generous clients who are willing to support people in need of financial support. Every retreat always has one highly reduced spot available. If you would like to apply for funding, please write us a message.

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We have created a very special gift for you – a free ebook that entails an overview on the how and what when it comes to deep healing, emotional liberation and positive lasting change.

In the book we talk about the importance of doing the deeper inner healing work, what it is that we actually need to heal and how we are going to achieve that.

You will be introduced to our signature method called Emotional Recycling and you will learn to detect what spiritual bypassing means.

Healing is no longer optional and with us and our team you find people who have walked the talk. We know what it means and more importantly, we know what it takes to get you to the other end of the tunnel! Click on the link below and get your free copy today!


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