The Queen

a seven day deep dive into creating your queendom with aleah ava & team



The Queen

a seven day deep dive into creating your queendom with aleah ava & team

Benefits Of The Queens Retreat

Healing The Mother Wound

The psychological mother wound is one of the most unconscious but impactful wounds we all carry to some degree. It is all about how emotionally attuned our mother has been towards us as an infant. Our sense of self gets developed based on what our mother mirrored to us. In this retreat you will increase your awareness around how you have been wounded and how this wound still negatively affects your life and how to start healing it. 

Becoming A Sovereign Queen

Once we stop apologising for who we are and have come to a place of deep self-acceptance and esteem, we can start building our sovereign queendom. Women get what they tolerate and healthy solid standards and personal boundaries are a must if we want to level-up how people treat us. This allows us to live free from the fear of losing and fully anchored in unshakable self-confidence. You will be amazed by the Queen you will discover inside of yourself.

Increase Your Self-Worth

any women secretly experience themselves as flawed and “not good enough”. Learn how unhealthy toxic shame resulted in the breakdown of your self-esteem keeping you from living your life unapologetically YOU. The rupture of the self is one of the deepest cuts of internalized shame and in this retreat we will break through it and you’ll be able to deeply relax into your own beautiful being. You’ll feel deeply worthy, appreciated and loved for who you are.

What Clients Say About The Royal Path Retreat

I feel so much more depth in myself as a lot of hidden and unseen old stories, feelings and imprints were released from my body. Aleah knew perfectly how to guide me there and the space to do that felt very safe. I found myself grieving on a much deeper level and I realised that I am now better able to fully feel and I love it! It is such a gift and a blessing Aleah was able to take me there.

NAMAYA DEVI, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Women Tend To Compromise Too Much With Men And The World 

Most of our female clients battle the same issues; they exhibit low self-esteem, chase after unrequited love way too much and they continue to play small. Often they have low or no standards in place and tolerate behaviour that makes them deeply unhappy. Apart from that they tend to feel that something is very much missing in their life. 

Unfortunately, women are often asked to live in their masculine core that actually goes very much against their soft feminine nature that craves love and connection and wants to flow with the algorithmic nature of the feminine. Apart from that they feel sexually frustrated as they are too often giving into shallow experiences.  

A lot of those things are consequences of an unhealed psychological mother wound. Their actions, behaviour and decisions gear all towards finally meeting the needs that have not been met in childhood and they do pretty much anything to get what we never had, falsely compromising parts of their being.

Living As An Expression Of The Divine Feminine Essence

In our feminine essence we naturally trust and flow with life and we can more easily surrender to our algorithmic nature as a woman. Women beautify everything, we bring together and allow love to be the driving force in whatever we are doing, walking through life with our heart wide open. Our biggest challenge is to live life as we have never been hurt before.

In theory that all makes sense and most women we meet deeply long for a life lived from the centre of their heart, sex and soul. However, it is easier said than done. Too often, it doesn’t feel safe to walk around vulnerably and unguarded. Too many experiences have taken away the innocence of open-hearted living.

It is only by our efforts to deeply surrender to our pain, our delusions, our hurt and anger that we can reconnect with that innocence. An innocence that brings back the pleasure, the joy and deliciousness of our exquisite being. Daring to express herself uninhibitedly, sensual and liberated gifting the world with the immeasurable value of an embodied woman.

The Queen Retreat Highlights

The Gift Of Sisterhood

Experience the power and comfort of a beautiful circle of women who feel deeply compassionate and empathetic for each other. You will feel deep trust, affection, loyalty and inspiration from this uniquely safe and sacred space that will nourish your heart.

Solid Boundaries

For various reasons women often have impaired personal boundaries which leads them to let other people invade their space in many ways. During this week you will strongly solidify the concept of boundaries which will tremendously uplevel the way you let others treat you.


Awakening Of The Heart

The heart is infinitely wise and holds all the answers you might be looking for. In this week you will learn to listen attentively to what your heart has to say and allow it to express itself in a vulnerable and natural way.

The Beauty Of Pleasure

Pleasure is the magic of life. Our bodies can experience an incredible amount of pleasure and when cultivated we radiate beauty, happiness and charisma which helps attracting the things we long for. You will reawaken your pleasure body and enjoy the bliss that comes with it.

Surrender And Vulnerability

Your vulnerability is your superpower and a tremendous gift for those nearest to you. It means for you to have the courage to be comfortable with emotional discomfort and to dare to express how you truly think and feel. Let others perceive you in an authentic and pure way which will lead to them trusting and connecting with you more.


Sexy & Shameless Confidence

Many women feel insecure about their body, their pleasure and sexuality or about who they are. It is time to shine your light in all your beauty and glory and to stop apologising for the vast and deep being that you naturally are. There is nothing more sexy than a confident woman.

Become The Happiest Woman You Know!

Are you ready to stop compromising with men and the world and instead speak and live your truth naturally?

Do you long for falling more deeply in love with yourself and radiate shameless confidence wherever you go?

Can you not wait to finally live life from the core of your heart and based on love instead of fear?

Then book your free discovery call  right now!

Women, You Are So Needed!

The True Beauty Of A Woman Is Reflected In Her Soul. (Audrey Hepburn)

Women have incredible qualities that the world craves and needs right now. A woman rooted in her feminine healthy power is a tremendous gift to society, her family and her relationships. 

She takes 100% responsibility for what is NOT working in her life and does not solely rely on her “knight in shining armour” to save her. She stands in her truth and understands her heart’s deepest longings, needs and desires. She is comfortable with emotional discomfort and courageous to show  her true emotions in a way that creates connection rather than disconnection. 

By healing herself and leading by example she becomes a catalyst for inspiring other people to heal as well and brings the much needed empathy and compassion for others to show themselves as well.

She knows the power of her beauty, but does not abuse it to manipulate, but rather to give it as a gift to the world around her. Her deep innate wisdom is what guides her. She listens to the voice within and does not ignore it to please others but rather unapologetically follows her intuitive wisdom. 






What You Will Learn


The Psychological Motherwound

Become highly aware of what the mother wound entails, how it has affected you and how the wound plays out in your life. We will break denial about its existence and start doing the necessary healing work for it to no longer control your life.


The Wheel Of Consent

When we talk about boundaries, we have to talk about the wheel of consent. You will be introduced to the wheel and through many practical exercises you will become comfortable with it and find constructive ways to apply it into your daily life.


How To No Longer Compete With Women

Seeing other women in their vulnerability will awaken the necessary compassion for you to turn competition into sisterhood. Together, we will stop pretending and competing and instead unite, support and empower each other. 



Expressing Your Feelings In A Healthy Way

During the week you will often be invited to express your feelings in a mature way. In order to do that we first have to re-create access to your feelings and carefully and slowly let go of the ways we defend against emotional upheaval.


How To Awaken Pleasure In Your Body

The fact that women often have to function in a male dominated world keeps them from living embodied which results into a certain numbness. In this retreat you will learn what it takes to tune back into pleasure in an instant so you can practice and integrate it into your daily life.


How To Create And Reinforce Boundaries

Boundaries are essential to set the basic guidelines of how you want to be treated. In a relationship, setting boundaries will lead to mutual healthy respect and ensure that both act within consent. They will also protect you from behavior that might otherwise hurt you unnecessarily.

Does All Of That Scare You A Little?

Perfect! This means you will greatly benefit from this week. Resistance and fear can be such powerful gateways if followed in a respectful, safe and secure  way. We are sure that you have heard that magic ALWAYS happens outside our comfort zone and that is where the biggest positive transformations happen.

Remember that one of the corner stones of this retreat is healthy boundaries. For this reason your “No” is welcome, much appreciated and honoured at all times. You will always be able to decide whether you are ready, willing and open to explore something that comes up for you. Life is not a race and slow and steady wins! 

Elements Of The Retreat


Trigger Work

We will leverage the incredible value of triggers to get to the feelings behind the upset.


Decoding Drama & Mastery of Feelings

Learn how to conduct and own your feelings instead of unconsciously act them out  (become an Emotional Recycler).



Getting in touch with your vulnerability with the support of a safe container.


Embodiment Excercises

Get out of your head into your body and let aliveness and pleasure be the driving force. 


Queens Qualities

Learn all about and integrate the healthy feminine qualities into your life. 


Inner Child & Original Pain Work

Learning about and understanding how the wounded inner child sabotages our (love) life and relationships and what it takes to heal those wounds.


Conscious Anger Work

Expressing and owning your anger in a healthy way is crucial if you want to feel life force energy and work with it creatively.


For the very first time in my life I actually felt part of a group. I have been working with Aleah for quite a while and the transformation has been incredible. Over time I was able to redefine what I consider as feeling worthy and let go of my ice-queen defence mechanism. I have understood that vulnerability isn’t actually a weakness after all, it has become one of my super powers.

beatrice, zurich, switzerland, sales executive

What Guests Receive


You will either have your own room with a shared bathroom or have a twin room that you share with another participant. We will clarify that with you in our intake call.


We mainly serve healthy vegetarian food with some fish included. If you have special dietary needs we would like to know them in order to adjust.


Our days will always start around 8 am and not finish before around 10pm. In between you will have time for breaks as well as meditations that are part of the structure.


Our retreats are designed to accommodate small groups of up to max. 8 people. This ensures us that we can offer you a very personal experience with enough personal coaching to make this a truly healing experience for you.


We love surprises and we make sure that every workshop has different elements of it. For this reasons we ask our participants to never talk about the group structure. In this way our surprises remain surprises and there is no spoiler alert.

Your Investment

The Price Includes:

  • Accommodation (7 nights)
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Workshops, Meditations, Teaching & Coachings
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Suprises

Not Included:

Travel Costs

EUR 2200

Meet The Creators

For the past 15 years, Aleah and Dan, founders of The Royal Path, have been engaging consciously in the personal growth and deep healing realm. Their backgrounds consist of participation and education in a multitude of therapeutic and spiritual courses, trainings and retreats such as Primal Therapy in Los Angeles, Inner Child Work, Original Pain-work, Conscious Sexuality, Tantra and Tantra Therapy. Their journey also included Family Constellation as well as various forms of meditation and a living in a heightened state of awareness

It is their fearless willingness to continuously dive deeper into the essence of their own being that created the profound understanding, heightened sensitivity and supreme clarity when it comes to dynamics of human nature, relationships, the realm of healing and personal growth.

Aleah & Dan have been in a relationship for almost 7 years consciously walking and practicing the path of authentic and intimate relating before letting go of their intimate relationship. They both set off on their individual journey to implement the learnings. They later re-united as trustful and inspired business partners based on a purely platonic friendship.

Their work is highly inspired by the teachings of: John Bradshaw, Arthur Janov and David Deida.

Itinerary – A Week With Us

Saturday, Arrival Day

We open check-in from 4pm where you will register and meet the team and participants in the beautiful settings of our Italian villa for the week. We will enjoy a tasty dinner and soon start with our first evening session. In a beautiful welcome ritual we will get to know each other and our intentions for the week ahead. You will get a good nights sleep before we embark on an incredible journey together.



Day 1: Meeting The Mother

On our first day we will look at the concept of the psychological motherwound and the early absence of love in general. In a guided meditation we will tune into the significance  of the  mother-child relationship to slowly start opening ourselves up for this vast and very important subject. We will look at what it is that we actually need to heal when it comes to our motherwound and how to do it. This day also  includes the concepts of attachment theory and inner child work. 



Day 2: Permission To Dive Deeper

On day two we will have a powerful ritual where we will ask for permission from our mothers to dive deeper and do the necessary healing work around our motherwound. In the afternoon we will be meeting our mother in a guided meditation and share about our experience from a vulnerable and open space where Aleah will guide you into the needed coaching to explore your journey more deeply. 

Day 3: Consequences Of The Early Absence Of Love

Day three is all about the teachings around the consequences of early absence of love and the impact it has had on our life, our relationships and how we mother our own children. Those teachings will open up a space of various sharing and feelings that we will work with in a conducive way. We will also practice open-hearted relating to connect more deeply within our circle. In the evening we will be nourishing our autonomic nervous systems to create harmony, safety and balance and restore a feeling of peacefulness.   

Day 4: The Wheel Of Consent

On day four we explore the wheel of consent, a somatic practice that helps us tune into a deeper awareness of our own bodily impulses in response to shared touch. While exploring the four dynamics of interaction that require different types of consent we will also be practicing saying yes/no to better understand, honour and reinforce our boundaries. The evening will hold a special surprise that you will absolutely love and remember for the rest of your life!.

Day 5: Personal Boundaries

Day five is all about the concept of healthy personal boundaries that are absolutely vital to live a life as a sovereign queen. We will look at what they are, why it is important to set them, various boundary categories, the consequences of lacking to set boundaries and how to actually set them in a way that is efficient and clear. We will also assess our current state of boundaries with significant people in our lives. 

Day 6: Pleasure

On day six we will dive into our pleasure body. Through body awareness exercises and sacred touch we will reawaken the sensation of pleasure in our body. This is the day when women who stated in the beginning of the week that sexuality has no importance turn into blossoming flowers radiating pure bliss and pleasure. A lot of giggles and laughter, happiness and joy will accompany the day. The exercises will include the awareness of the concept of boundaries and be a learning ground for how we act within or without our boundaries. We will celebrate our journey together with a beautiful Queens dinner and enjoy good food, wine and desert to conclude our week spent together.



Saturday: Departure Day

On departure day we will close any open loops and integrate the week with a beautiful signature ritual dressed up as Queens. We will share our last comments and you will be sent off with a handful of practical tips on how to go back into the real world again. Coming out of a process needs extra awareness as you have been opening up in this week so much and your boundaries and self-care practices are now more important than ever. You will look back at a deeply transformational human experience and be excited to apply everything you have learned in real life.


Are You Ready?

To Spend An Entire Week Amongst Women

To Step Shamelessly Into Your Unique Feminine Essence

Heal Your Mother Wound

And Create Your Queendom?


Aleah Ava

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can as we pay careful attention to always respect your boundaries and desired tempo to progress. However, our intake interview will determine whether we think attending the retreat is safe enough for you.
Yes! Fortunately, we have very generous clients who are willing to support people in need of financial support. Every retreat always has one highly reduced spot available. If you would like to apply for funding, please write us a message.
If you come to our retreat, you will have to go OFFLINE for the entire week. This means no work, no unnecessary phone calls and no leaving before the retreat ends. It is vital for you to take out time to dedicate it fully to yourself and your process.
We are always happy to enable people to come to our retreats and are therefore happy to find agreements that work better for you.

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