Hi, I'm Aleah Ava & I Believe That Your Heart Is Your Compass & Infinitely Wise!


Hi, I’m Aleah Ava & I Believe That Your Heart Is Your Compass & Infinitely Wise!

How I Went From Sad & Lonely To Happy & Loved

I started This Journey As A Lonely Little Baby

For as long as I can remember, I felt like I lived in a bubble. It was like I was disappearing into a void, where I was all alone and isolated. It was not until I did some serious soul searching (a.k.a therapy) that I understood what happened to me.

At one month old, I find myself in my crib; utterly alone, scared and in need of warm skin, loving eyes, safe arms, and an inviting smile. Of my mother’s voice saying: “Welcome to this world my angel. I have been waiting for you! I am over the moon happy that you are here. I am so glad that I get to take care of you. I will listen to your needs and provide you a space of safety and love. I love you so much!”

That is unfortunately not how it went. When I was born, my parents were in the middle of managing a little hotel, spending all night and day serving their guests. There was not much room for my needs, and my childhood became a world of fears, loneliness, and isolation. Already at the age of 2, I woke up in the middle of the night paralyzed and unable to move, from sheer terror.

Depression, Love Addiction & Dysfunctional Relationships

Due to her own abusive childhood, my mother was a hurt young woman without the right tools to process her difficult emotions. Her fears, anger, frustration, and sadness made her lash out at me more than I was able to handle. It left me feeling empty and unworthy, longing to feel safe, protected, and loved by her. 

As a result of not having had my emotional needs met, I started chasing love and attention from every man I’d met – only to find the same childhood reality playing itself out again.

Reality confirmed the deeply instilled belief that love doesn’t exist for me, and that I am not worthy of it. I became a typical love addict, trying to finally fill the inner void my unmet needs had left, wasting years in broken and dysfunctional relationships.

Love and Relationships for me became a dangerous territory. I tended to lose myself quickly, unaware and ignoring of my needs to ensure that I am loved. But what I attracted were unavailable men. I tried everything to fill the void inside myself, and did everything I could to avoid feeling unworthy. 

Turning My Pain Into Power

Until I was 34 years old, I did not understand how I kept attracting all this misery. But then, one day, I had a powerful awakening. That day, when my heart broke for the millionth time in the deep feeling therapy I’d undergone with ruthless sincerity, the devastating consequences of the early absence of love became obvious to me.

#thepsychologicalmotherwound and #dysfunctionalattachmentstyles are not some fancy hashtags. They’re the result of significant emotional wounding that bring forth a myriad of emotional and mental health problems, such as depression, low self-worth, anxiety, and various forms of addictions.

I was in such pain for such a long time I really couldn’t see the light of day. When I finally got better, I started seeing it clear as day: I had to go this deep so I can support people with the wisdom I gained from doing the hard work myself. I walked the path before you so I can shine a light on your path towards emotional (and sexual!) liberation.

In return for my courage and willingness to dive into the places where I hurt, I’ve been gifted with an incredible awareness, a heightened intuition, and the gift of clairsentience and claircognizance. When I tune in, I can feel someone’s feelings in my own body. Today this helps me guide my clients with intuition, compassion and grace.

Finding Healthy, Safe & Radiant Love

Finding epic love is one of the biggest achievements of my life. A love that feels exactly the way I’d always wanted it to feel – supportive, kind, respectful, passionate with a lot of laughter.

Ismaele is a man with a heart of gold, and you’ll never meet a kinder person. Having him join The Royal Path core team makes me both happy and grateful.

Together we get to help and support people on their own hero’s journey, and it’s the love we have for each other that we bring into eveything we do.

This love feels so different. We don’t have to calculate our moves. It feels easy to speak the truth and be vulnerable with each other.

Bringing healthy love into your life really will make all the difference, and we’ll show you how.

Aleah & Ismaele

This was such a beautiful and much needed healing experience. I have been searching for something outside of myself for my entire life. Working with Aleah has made me realize that I have it all inside of me. I can feel my core now so much more and anything I thought I was afraid of is just falling away. I feel so much freer and lighter than I ever have. 

Alexis, san francisco, united states

Aleah Ava

Official Bio

Aleah Ava is a Deep Feeling and Tantra Therapist. She supports both couples and individuals in navigating the deep inner healing work required to live a satisfying, happy, and meaningful life and relationships.

She’s the creator of the Emotional Recycling Method, an approach that enables clients to safely and consciously access repressed unintegrated feelings, move through frozen grief, and overwrite the negative imprint with the heart-based frequency of love and pleasure.

After more than a decade of partaking in various healing- and growth modalities (including more than 150 open-end deep feeling/inner child therapy sessions), she is now able to take people to the depth of their being. 

Her clairsentience, fine-tuned intuition,  non-judgmental and loving way allow her clients to turn inward, work through repressed feelings, and resurface with insights that transform their lives on every level.

A recovering Love Addict herself, Aleah created the Addicted to Love Podcast where she sheds light on one of the most controversial topics: Love Addiction- and dependency. She supports her listeners in breaking through denial, creating a high level of awareness, and shares her best tools that helped her break free from dysfunctional, and unhealthy relationships.  

Aleah is also the co-founder of The Royal Path. Together with her Business Partners, Ismaele Di Blasi & Dan Hart, they offer signature personal transformation retreats, individual, group and couples mentoring, as well as online programs.


Aleah Ava
BSc Communications

University of Applied Sciences
Zurich, Switzerland

Meditation, Personal Development & Emotional Healing

6 months at the Osho Ashram in Pune, India. The time included the participation, training and staffing of inner child work, childhood and sexual de-conditioning, Tantra seminars with Homa & Mukto, Mystic Rose Process, The Path of Love Retreat as well as the ‘Women on the Path of Love’ retreat.

Tantra Training Level 1 – 3

Participation and Training in various aspects of Tantra for 5 weeks at Osheanic in Brazil with Homa & Mukto. Level I – Understanding and healing old wounds, exploring sexuality, sensitivity and personal power as well as the ability to love unconditionally. Level II – Exploring male and female energies, sexual polarity, deep relaxation and intimacy, learning about sex as a door to meditation, awareness and presence. Level 3 – Energy reading training that builds confidence in our intuition (including synchronicity, body awareness & touch) and learning to communicate from the heart space. 

Tony Robbins Personal Growth Seminars

Unleash the power within, Date with Destiny and Health & Wealth Mastery

Level 1 to 7 and the Women’s Retreat with The New Tantra

Participation in seminars focused on sexual deconditioning, Advanced Sex, Sexual Completion, Transmission Training, Ego-Workshop, Sacred Rituals and Dark Retreat.

Organisation and Co-Facilitation of Retreats

Various weeklong childhood deconditioning/inner child/original paintwork retreats alongside Puja Lepp, licensed counsellor and psychologist.

Intense Primal Therapy at the official Arthur Janov Primal Therapy Center in Los Angeles, CA as a client herself

More than 120 open end sessions of the Original Primal Therapy diving deeply into her own childhood trauma. For the first 6 months she lived in Los Angeles to do the therapy on-site and continued for another 2.5 years online with the same therapist, David Lassoff who is currently the Master Therapist at the center. Aleah`s work is highly inspired by her awakening experience during this deep feeling therapy.

Tantra Therapy / Dakini Certification with Lin Holmqvist Art Of Love

Certified Tantra Therapist education including trauma healing, wheel of consent, coaching modalities, NLP, meditation, body work, breath-work, de-armouring, sacred dance, ceremonial theatre, transfiguration, tantra massage, yoni, anus & lingam massage and tantric temple ceremonies.
February 2020

Aleah Ava

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