Become The Happiest Woman You Know
A 6-Months Mastermind Portal For The Soul Queen Owning Her Deepest Desires
Living Fully Empowered And Liberated In Her Sex, Heart & Soul

This Is The Portal To Your Soul Queendom

Venus Unleashed.

You are smart, courageous, and generous, you long for creating a brimming life beyond your wildest dreams, where your hearts desires manifest in front of your eyes.

Remember That You Are Grace, Love & Pleasure All In One

From experience, most women face this one core wound, a feeling of “not being enough, not truly deserving”. Your life and actions are based on fear and shame, instead of worthiness. You might even believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

That fear speaks louder than anything else in your life, and somehow you find yourself compromising falsely, engaging in self-betrayal, and you’re accepting breadcrumbs from life, relationships and in sex.

I see you! I’m Aleah, and as your mentor, I fully understand what you are going through, and I am here to help you claim your Soul Queendom!

You’re ready to finally move powerfully, and heal your relationship with the self, men, and the world. You are more than willing to DO THE WORK. You’ve recognised that you can do it alone, but you don’t want to. Or maybe there are some obstacles you just can’t overcome on your own. You know that…

You want to feel deeply empowered, and free to embody love, sexuality & your innate feminine on your terms!

In Venus Unleasehd. you’ll (re)claim your heart’s deepest desires, and together, we’ll create the Soul-Queendom of your dreams.

Here’s How Venus Unleashed. Is Going To Change Your Life…

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Venus Unleashed. will bring an end to all the ways you are betraying yourself, play small or believe that you are not worthy. Together we’ll dissolve your fears, and work through self-sabotaging patterns, and you’ll stepping away from ever dishonoring yourself again. Emotional, sexual and spiritual liberation will be your new state of being.



The feminine hold an incredible capacity to love deeply. She’s heart-open and responds with love and compassion to everything she does. In Venus Unleashed. you’ll face your sense of unworthiness to heal your relationship to love, and yourself. Your words become impeccable, gracious and kind, and you’ll be an embodiment of the divine mother people trust deeply.

The Royal Path Phoenix


Venus Unleashed. is a magical process of invocation in which you invite higher beings of the light into your life. Your life becomes a daily prayer. You’ll learn that every act, thought and feeling co-creates the reality you are experiencing. You’ll take responsiblity for your own thoughts, words and deeds, and surrender deeply to whatever is in any given moment.

I feel so much more depth in myself as a lot of hidden and unseen old stories, feelings and imprints were released from my body. Aleah knew perfectly how to guide me there and the space to do that felt very safe. I found myself grieving on a much deeper level and I realised that I am now better able to fully feel and I love it! It is such a gift and a blessing Aleah was able to take me there.

NAMAYA DEVI, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Here’s What You’ll Receive In Venus Unleashed.



The intake questionnaire will help you identify where you are at, and provide refelction for you to set a powerful start for this program.



During this 1:1 30 mins. personal intake call with Aleah, you’ll get the chance to know each other more deeply, and create an intimate foundation for this transformation collaboration.


The powerful women of this program will gather weekly with Aleah to discuss specific topics, receive powerful activations, and share your personal progress with the group. You’ll also receive live coaching that will help you navigate your journey.


You’ll either have Aleah or the group in your pocket from Mon-Friday to ask your burning questions, get quick feedback, or some extra support and guidance as you are moving through your process in between sessions.

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All calls will always be recorded and available in our private member’s zone for you to dive back in once the group is over. If you can’t make it to a live call you can always watch the replay and get up to speed in your own timing.

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Every call will have a workbook to read through and get the most important points we’ve discussed. It will also entail exercises you can in your own time. In this way nothing gets lost and during our call you can be fully present with the teachings.


Investment in yourself

I believe that your level of income should not prevent you from getting in on this powerful experience.

That is why I want to offer a sliding scale to enable ANY Queen that is fully committed and ready to show up.

I will, however, add some additional elements to the three Goddesses of investments*:

Goddess Celeste – EUR 666 / month

Goddess Leya – EUR 444 / month

Goddess Tara – EUR 333 / month

All Types Include:

  • The Intake Questionnaire
  • A 30 mins. Personal Intake Call
  • Weekly Group Calls on Zoom
  • Mon-Fri Group WhatsApp Support
  • All Calls Recorded & Available For Replays
  • Workbook

There are only six spots available, two each!

We will start on the 9th of September, 2022, a fullmoon in Pisces day (it can’t get any better!)

*If you book the EUR 666 / month package you will get personal (not Group) WhatsApp support with Aleah in between sessions throughout the month + 3 personal 1:1 calls with Aleah (45 mins.) during the six months.

*If you book the EUR 444 / month package you will get personal (not Group) WhatsApp support with Aleah in between sessions two weeks per month + 1 personal 1:1 call with Aleah (45 mins.) during the six months.

For the very first time in my life I actually felt part of a group. I have been working with Aleah for quite a while and the transformation has been incredible. Over time I was able to redefine what I consider as feeling worthy and let go of my ice-queen defence mechanism. I have understood that vulnerability isn’t actually a weakness after all, it has become one of my super powers.

beatrice, zurich, switzerland, sales executive

One More Thing…

This is NOT for you if you are in a place of comfortable discomfort where you just want to dip your toe in the water.

A maybe is not gonna get you anywhere. It takes more than that.

You’re here because you know there is more to you than what your logical mind believes. In the end it’s all Energy, and you know that.


This is the right Mastermind if you are ready to step into the most empowered sensual and gracious feminine self.

More so, Venus Unleashed. is for you if…

  • You are totally over letting fear and shame run your life, not feeling good enough or pleasing people at the cost of your happiness
  • You want to step out of self-betrayal and instead into your heart’s deepest desires, awakening your pleasure body
  • You desire epic healthy love, filled with a fulfilling conscious sex life and deep emotional intimacy
  • You want to trust yourself, and your intuition fully, and create a strong connection to higher beings of the light
  • You are so ready to do the work, and to show up fully for yourself in this sacred journey towards your gracious feminine

Whatever your deepest heart’s desires are. Together we’ll claim them, and make them a reality!

Venus Unleashed.

I’ve Been There, Love

I’ve acted from a place of wounding until I was about 33 years old. Stepping into my gracious feminine core was the most empowering and liberating journey of all.

Let me tell you, it took me a while to understand that it’s not about wearing white dresses, put on sexy lingerie, or dance around the fire under the moon light.

Although these are all beautiful feminine practices, ultimately, it’s not what makes you embody your innate feminine. 

Truth is, to live from the core of your gracious feminine heart is an act of grace and courage.

Becoming the happiest woman you have ever been demands to be at peace with who you are as a woman, and to feel empowered to stand in your truth unapologetically, relentless with your heart’s desires. It will have you strip naked, moving from your head into your heart, and that’s where your beautiful feeling reside.

Only a woman who’s unafraid of her feelings will be able to gift her feminine essence to a man, guiding him into his heart.

She knows that her feelings are her most valuable currency, and she is not afraid of standing there naked, dressed only in the clothes of her soul.

Need Some More Convincing To Join Venus Unleashed.?

I am happy to hop on a call with you to discuss, and see if this is in your highest interest.

Just book a free discovery call below.

Aleah Ava Venus Unleashed.

Your Mentor For Venus Unleashed. Aleah

Aleah Ava is a Tantra Therapist, psychic Women’s Mentor, and Couple’s Whisperer. She guides her clients in navigating processes of emotional and sexual healing, liberation and transformation to live epic love lives filled with deep emotional and sexual intimacy & liberation.

After more than a decade of partaking in various healing- and growth modalities (including more than 150 open-end deep feeling/inner child therapy sessions), she is now able to inspire people from the depth of her own transformation.

Her clairsentience, claircognizance, fine-tuned intuition, non-judgmental and loving way allow her clients to turn inward, work through any blockages or repressed feelings, and resurface with insights that give birth to their liberated spirit.

A recovering Love Addict herself, Aleah created the Addicted to Love Podcast where she sheds light on one of the most controversial topics: Love Addiction- and dependency. She supports her listeners in breaking through denial, creating a high level of awareness, and shares her best tools that helped her break free from dysfunctional, and unhealthy relationships.

Aleah is also the co-founder of The Royal Path. Together with her her partner in business and life, Ismaele Di Blasi, and the co-founder and Business Partner, Dan Hart, they offer transformational retreats, individual, group and couples counseling/coaching, as well as online programs.




Venus Unleashed.
Week 1: Welcome Call & Initiation

You’ll meet your new sister group for the first time with a powerful welcome and initiation ritual to set the tone for the upcoming journey. Your intentions are holy, and you are invited to bring it all in.

Week 2: The Innate Feminine

There are many myths as to what it means to be in your feminine. It surely does not mean to just wear white dresses and dance around the fire chanting. During this call we’ll deeply explore what it truly means to live from your gracious feminine core, and why it’s so important.

Week 3: The Wounded/Shadow Feminine

What are the feminine shadows? How do you recognise when your personal shadows are coming up? There is no journey into the light without first addressing the shadow, and we’ll do it together.

Week 4: The Shadow Of Dishonor

Self-betrayal is one of the most dishonoring acts a woman can do. Kick the false compromises and stand powerfully in your truth.

Week 1: Worthiness vs. Wounding - Embodying Self-Love

Learn to recognise when your are coming from wounding instead of worthiness and how it affects the outcome in anything you do.

    Week 2: Breaking The Toxic Cycle Of Shame-Based Living

    Shame is something we all know and no one wants to talk about. However, shame is also what keeps us hiding from expressing our true essence. If you’re not okay with who you are, how can others ever be? Come out of hiding, and step into the light.

    Week 3: Validating Your Inner Princess

    There’s a little princess in you, and she wants to be recognised. She’s been longing to connect with you for so long. To transition into Queen mode, the princess first has to be integrated and celebrated. Listening and re-connecting to her will have you transition into the Queen for real.

    Week 4: Consent And Empowering Boundaries

    There is nothing more empowering than having healthy boundaries. You choose, when to say yes, and when to say no, and both those words are spoken in a powerful way so you teach others how to honor you at all times.

    Venus Unleashed.
    Venus Unleashed.
    Week 1: The Game Of Energetics & The Importance Of Spiritual Practice

    As a woman you are deeply spiritual, and you naturally have a connection to the other-worldy that serves as a powerful guidance system, if you just listen. Unfortunately women have been shamed for their unique gifts for way too long. You’ll bring back that ancient know-how, and start building a strong connection to what you have known for lifetimes.

    Week 2: Meet Your Main Guides

    In this call You’ll meet your main Guide(s) that you will start cultivating a powerful relationship with. Your guides are here to shine light on your path, for you to rest in, and feel supported by. They have been waiting for you, and are eager to walk this journey with you.

    Week 3: Meet Your Main Goddess

    Same goes for your Goddesses. They embody beauty, wisdom and intuition that will activate potent gifts within you. Together we’ll connect to your main Goddess(es) that from that moment on will be guiding you along your journey with faith and grace.

    Week 4: Integration

    This week we will not have a call, but a powerful pre-recorded meditation that Aleah will channel based on where everyone is at in this process. It also serves as a week of integration for you to let settle all the new beautiful things you have been initiated in.

    Week 1: Your Love Signature

    How do you love? In what way are you loving from an authentic healthy place, and where might you be coming from fear or lack that is a result from your sense of unworthiness. Together we’ll detect any faulty love template that you might have installed, re-define what it means to love and be loved in a mature and healthy way, and move out of any codependency or anxious attachement style.

    Week 2: Who Are You Queen?

    I know that you have very clear ideas of the King you would like to call in, but what about you? Where are you already a match for this King to become a reality? Where are you not? Without any judgement we’ll dive into the areas you absolutely rock at, and the areas you yourself would like to deepen your energy.

    Week 3: Initiation To Calling In King Energy

    Clarity and certainty are two of the main organizing principles of the universe to manifest your desired reality. During this call you’ll dive deeply into the qualities of the King you’d like to call in. If you are already in a relationship You’ll be guided differently, but equally powerful.

    Week 4: Know Your Standards

    Know your standards, Queen. How do you expect other people to know how to treat you if you’re not clear as to how you want to be treated? This is not about being “too good” for any man, but about humbly knowing your woth, and claiming it. By this time in our journey togheter, the individual and group’s needs will also become more and more visible, and we will of course adjust to whatever is needed at this point in the process.

    Venus Unleashed.
    Venus Unleashed.
    Week 1: Conscious Sexuality
    Oh Love, sexuality and sensuality are such vital cornerstones in your life. Either you love it already, or it holds fears and possibly even shame. Whatever sex means to you, I can guarantee you, that together we’ll deepen your understanding of conscious sexuality and bring it to a place of sacredness as it has always been meant to be.
    Week 2: Feminine Pleasure Principles
    “I’m afraid that I am taking too long!”, or “I really need an emotional connection first, but I am afraid to ask for that!”. These are statements that I hear often, and let me tell you that you have every right to whatever you need to open up to a man. Women are wired differently when it comes to pleasure and to opening up their pussy, heart and soul. I’ll clean up all your faulty beliefs around how you are supposed to function when it comes to your body, sex and pleasure.
    Week 3: Shame Around Your Sexuality And Desire
    Shame is one of the main blockages holding you back from a fulfilling sex life. Being present in the moment instead of obsessing in your head about what should happen, or how your body is being perceived is a sure way to killing the potential of orgasmic journeys. Women are deeply sensual beings, and sexuality is one of the most potent channels they can work through. Give birth to your deepest desires, and claim them with ease.
    Week 4: Your Erotic Blueprint
    Every woman has her own specific erotic blueprint, a map to her turn-on and unique wiring. Discover the positive conscious and shadow unconscious sides to it, heal and transform to release anything that isn’t getting you the most fulfilled sex life you can imagine. We’re all different, and that’s the beauty of it.
    Week 1: Sharing & Celebrating Your Unique Feminine Expression
    Who have you come to know during this past months together? Who is this Queen that wants to shine and be alive dripping in divine desire? What is your unique flavour people feel magnetised by? In today’s call you’ll be celebrating the uniqueness of your feminine gracious being, and make a heartfelt promise to yourself.
    Week 2: Creating Your Soul Queendom
    What do you want your life to look like? What areas you want to manifest differently? What are the missing pieces you’d like to find? No matter whether this concerns your love life, money, purpose, devotion, spirituality, health, anything that is not yet where you want it to be, this is a deep calling to bring back those last missing pieces.
    Week 3: Celebration & Integration
    This event remains a secret.
    Week 4: Q&A Call And Roundup
    To our last call you get to bring all your remaining questions, and we’ll cover them all. I will also gift each and everyone of you with a personal prayer that you can take from this mastermind. Last pieces of integration will also be part of this call.
    Venus Unleashed.

    It’s The Woman You Fall In Love With

    That Will Blow Your Mind!

    She Is Gracious, Potent & Powerful
    Leaving Love Notes Everywhere She Goes…

    I have designed this Mastermind to be a unique intimate sacred portal for six women only.

    I will see you, hear you, and hold you in places you’ve never been held before.

    Consider this sacred journey an initiation into:

    Sovereign and liberated womanhood
    & Emotional, sexual & spiritual liberation

    Where you graduate the wounded feminine, and step into

    GRACE & HONOR, to end self-betrayal now!

    Because You Don’t Have To Do This Alone


    When I first met Aleah I was feeling deeply lonely and hopeless to ever find true love. I battled anxiety and a lot of shame. Thanks to the sessions I have had with Aleah I stopped compromising and went for what I truly longed for. About half year into our coaching I found true love. A man who truly cares and shows up like no one has ever before. I fell pregnant and could not be happier about it. I feel so much gratitude for the work I have done with Aleah. She literally turned my life around.
    Gina C. ZuRich, Switzerland

    I’m Sure You’ve Got Some Fantastic Questions
    Before Making Your Choice For Venus Unleashed.


    Absolutely not! Whatever the teachings are that you are reading about on this page, you are more than welcome as a single or a woman in relationship. Since we are an exclusive group of only 6 women, I have enough time to dive into each of you individually.


    Aleah herself has walked every single step of what she offers to get you there without the unnecessary twists and turns, so this is a proven methodology. Many courses just focus on “visualizing and manifesting” without doing the deeper work. Honestly, that’s like putting sugar on s*it. Without doing the deeper work you can have all the best intentions, but the involuntary reactions to your triggers won’t go away and you’ll find yourself in the same patterns all over again. This is the real deal with 0% spiritual bypassing!


    I am sure you already have a busy life going, we all do. This is about the choices we make in life. Where do you put your time and attention? How invested are you ready to be when it comes to your personal healing and growth? If you are anything like me, you are like “I’ll do whatever it takes”, and you will dedicate your time and attention to this program as you see fit. In other words, the amount of time you will need for this program is up to you. I just invite you to attend the live calls as much as you can. That’s where the magic happens.


    Having fears when deciding to say yes to such an investment is pretty normal. I get it, I always experience fear for a moment when it comes to money. Given my childhood that is just too deeply imprinted in me. However, with time I learned that this fear is just an echo from the past and that there is not really any danger. So those fears are often simply in my mind. Understand where your fear is coming from, and then look at reality. Is the money there? Great, now listen to your gut. Do you truly want it on this ride? What does your heart, sex and soul say? Trust that, and follow that because you are infinitely wise. Growth definitely happens outside our comfort zone and this could be a defining moment for you. Think of the possible consequences as a result of not giving this a chance.


    Our weekly calls will be around 75-90 minutes. However, I always listen to what is truly needed. I will not leave you hanging when things get tough, and I always act in the highest interest of everyone involved.

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