Why Healing Is No Longer Optional

Why Healing Is No Longer Optional

When we look around, all we see is human beings seeking. People globally seek answers, methods and ways to feel better and to step out of feeling lonely, depressed, anxious and scared. The self-help industry is a billion-dollar industry for a reason. It works so well because it addresses and promises to give answers to people’s deepest longings, needs, problems and fears. We are constantly in search for feeling happier, more fulfilled, more loved, more significant, more alive and emotionally freer, even if we are not consciously aware of it. Healing is no longer optional!

Why is the majority of people feeling so out of line? Why do we suffer and what are we suffering from? The point is that we are sitting on an overload, an ocean, of old, uncomfortable, repressed and vulnerable feelings from our childhood. Sadly, we never learned the tools to process difficult emotions in a given moment and for way too many, no one has ever been there to validate our felt experiences or help us digesting them. As a result, those feelings “became memories that were not fully formed” (watch the movie Heal on Netflix), and they keep sitting in our unconscious bringing havoc to our life and emotional wellbeing.

Repressed feelings will keep coming out sideways until noticed, accepted, fully felt, transmuted and integrated into a new understanding and consciousness of being Click To Tweet

With no one available to help and validate our experiences, repression and denial were pretty much the only logic coping strategies. However, repressed feelings will keep coming out sideways until noticed, accepted, fully felt, transmuted and integrated into a new understanding and consciousness of being. If we do not deal with what has hurt us in the past, it will keep bringing negative consequences not just to us as individuals, but worse to our entire collective represented as an accumulation of unresolved trauma.



A Numb Society

Truth is we currently live in a numb society, unempathetic with our own and each other’s pain. We lie, we hide, and we cheat, and we often inflict pain on others and therewith ourselves. We also tend to destroy and suffocate important relationships, even entire families. And with all of that we reinforce the one thing we all desperately try to avoid – feeling lonely, isolated and disconnected.


Unresolved wounding will have us unconsciously recreate our painful childhood realities over and over again and we will at all cost keep chasing after the things we never got, but always needed and longed for. Unfortunately, with repression and denial being in place we often remain blind and unaware of how much we are prisoners of our past.

In our experience, at the root of individual human suffering too often lies one universal trauma; the early absence of secure love. Click To Tweet

The truth is relationships don’t have to be dysfunctional, love and passion doesn’t have to get lost and life is not one of chronic unhappiness and unfulfillment. However, if we want to change, we have to understand that healing is no longer optional, and that as long as we are suffering in our inner world, we automatically bring suffering to our outer world and there with to the people around us.


Those traumas brings a myriad of negative consequences such as low self-worth, insecurity and the constant looking for and chasing after love, appreciation and approval on the outside. It is also mainly responsible for dysfunctional relationships and our inability to connect on a deeper level and create emotional and sexual intimacy. Because…


The early absence of love instilled one fundamentally false belief; that there is something essentially wrong with us. That we are somewhat not okay or good the way we are. Click To Tweet


Toxic Shame As A Result Of Our Childhood Wounds

The toxic shame that comes with it is what keeps one from living happy, joyful, uncompromising, (purpose)fully, embodied and in celebration of life. However, there is one crucial problem that comes with this painful wound. We have buried it so deep inside of us that we have no longer access to it. Those feelings, however, bring our healing. It is an art to rebuild access to those feelings and to safely and consciously feel that which has never been fully felt. Feeling those feelings is the only way for them to stop sabotaging our life and happiness. On top of that our brain makes sure to repress painful feelings by keeping us in denial about what really happened. The problem is that…

We cannot possibly know what we don’t know. All we know is that something does not feel quite right.

In other words, you might read through these lines and very possibly even understand it on a mental level, but unless you access the pain around the early absence of love and the psychological Mother Wound, you won’t even begin to understand the scope of it and how it still sabotages and influences your life. It is precisely your brain’s job to keep you from emotional upheaval and it will do anything to avoid change.

However, change comes whether we like it or not.



We Are Meant To Evolve Consciousness

Because the universe is one of constant evolution and we are part of it. So, our subconscious is driven towards evolution and it will find a way to wake you up. So we can either pro-actively deal with it or wait for life to deliver painful wake-up calls that often seem out of our control.

In our personal experience and from the work with our clients, we realised that in the end, every single thing that does not work in our life will eventually lead back to you having an imprint, a memory of you feeling deeply unloved, emotionally neglected, not seen or validated. It has made you believe that something is fundamentally wrong with you.

Or, on the opposite, and out of your early unmet need for feeling loved and seen (that you truly mattered to your parents), you might have an unhealthy fascination of being you. As a result you might feel above everyone else which ultimately keeps you from deeply connecting with the people around you leaving you feeling as if you never really belong to anyone.

Unhealed wounds always play out somehow negatively and take on a life of their own, creating havoc in your life. Click To Tweet

So healing is no longer optional because the world is in desperate need of integrated, conscious, authentic, alive, empathic, vulnerable and deeply feeling human beings with a strong set of values, spreading joy, love and compassion wherever they go.

For us, there is only one truly valuable currency in life and that is the currency of authentic love and emotional happiness and liberation.

We, from The Royal Path, offer you a proven, powerful and lasting approach to get you there. Reach out if you are ready to start your own healing journey. We are excited to getting to know you.

Aleah Ava & Dan Hart,

Founders of The Royal Path








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