Reclaim Your Kingdom


When You Claim Your Kingdom, You Will…

Find Balance In Your Masculinity

Men who have been wounded during childhood tend to either turn into either Mr. Nice Guy who gets pushed around or an arrogant macho who abuses his power. The healthy masculine honors the qualities of a true leader – integrity, authenticity, trustworthiness, and humbleness.

Be Emotionally Available

Many men consciously or subconsciously avoid emotional intimacy for individual reasons. You might even tell yourself that you don’t need love and connection. But your heart speaks a different language. This is why you are here now – to trust love again, and allow yourself to be there for your partner, so you can build REALationships.

Develop Discipline & Live Your Purpose

To feel truly alive, you need to get crystal clear on your vision and mission, transforming any lingering laziness into discipline, dedication, and purpose. You know that your life’s purpose cannot be limited to an intimate relationship, you were made for more! 

Dare To Be Vulnerable

Let go of the idea that boys don’t cry and the urge to suppress emotions, mask distress, or maintain an appearance of hardness. Integrate your feminine to live life more open-heartedly. Return to the language of your wise heart becoming one of those men who dare to be vulnerable knowing that vulnerability is real strength (and incredibly sexy!).

Overcome Toxic Shame

Working through conditioned toxic shame is essential to fully owning your greatness. Understand your main sources of shame, let go of that feeling of inadequacy, and overcome the fear of being found out as a fraud to finally come out of hiding.

Be An Empathetic Lover

Become an irresistible lover who is able to open his woman to orgasmic bliss. Let go of anxiety and pressure in the bedroom and transform shallow sex into satisfying love-making that leaves you feeling more connected to your partner. Last as long as you like and experience multiple full-body orgasms together.

The Royal Path counseling and retreat was an unbelievable experience. It has helped me realize that I have the strength in me to face my trauma and take action to heal. I was held in a non-judgmental space and was given the perfect push to open myself in ways I never thought I would. I discovered that I can cry a lot easier now which is funny but I find it really comforting. I used to think that if you cry, you lose your love. Now I am thinking that if you cry, you lose your fears and your pain. Thank you for the trust and the healing power you gave me – and for my tears!

Can, Istanbul, Turkey

Live Your Purpose And Find Meaning 
Beyond Your Career, With These 4 Powerful
Approaches To Emotional Healing.

Inner Child / Primary Painwork

Diving into childhood issues can be scary. But when you do, you can expect huge breakthroughs and many positive changes.

Step by step, we lift the veil of unresolved childhood trauma. This includes working through the psychological mother-and father wounds, meeting your playful (and hurt) inner child, resolving unmet developmental needs, and releasing toxic shame.

Grief is the healing feeling.

Wholeness is the natural result of allowing your grief. Most of us have not been given the tools to process painful experiences. When not dealt with, they became memories that are not fully formed, resulting in sadness, loneliness, isolation, numbness, depression, or aggression.

Governed by those childhood wounds, your actions become involuntary.

It might feel like you have little to no control over your behavior. If you lash out on the people you love, stay in abusive relationships, or have a hard time finding true love and connection, Inner Child Work is for you.

It allows you to break free from old, painful patterns so they no longer control you. You’ll be the one in charge, not your wounded inner child!

Love Addiction / Love Avoidance Recovery

Do you feel devastated, destroyed, or depressed after a breakup? Are you constantly attracting partners that are emotionally unavailable, experiencing the pain and disappointment of yet another failed relationship? Or are you the one that avoids emotional and sexual intimacy? Then love addiction counselling is for you.

You’ll learn what is *really* causing your pain and what you can do about it.

You’ll also discover how to attract true love, authentic connection, and deep emotional intimacy.

Both Aleah and Dan have successfully recovered from love addiction and are now in a happy, healthy, and mature relationship with their new partners. They offer 1:1 counselling to a select few who are willing to do the deep inner work of overcoming love addiction.

Based on Aleah’s journey and realizations, she also created the Addicted To Love Podcast, where she helps thousands to break free from their emotional prison and find inner freedom and joy.

Conscious Sexuality & Intimacy Counseling

Most men have learned sex from pornography, which does not in the least teach them what it *really* takes to open women up to full-body pleasure and deep sexual surrender. 

Unconscious sexuality aims at a quick peak orgasm only. For many men, female pleasure is nothing but a yardstick to measure their own achievement. It comes with fake orgasms, performance anxiety, increasingly frequent sexual dysfunctions, and the absence of real intimacy.

Sex should not be another thing you have to accomplish.

Conscious sexuality leaves you feeling energized, balanced, and empowered. It’s a space where you can recharge without unloading your stress onto your woman. It is a precious tool for spiritual expansion, deepened intimacy, and personal growth. 

Apart from counselling, we also offer a more practical approach that includes breath work, conscious touch, tantra massage, or heart-penis healing sessions. The work can include working through toxic shame, sexual abuse, numbness, and other dysfunctions. 

We also invite sexual energy and the frequency of unconditional love to transform any issues that keep you from enjoying a natural, ecstatic, and sensual sex-life.

Couples Counseling

Relationships are catalysts for personal growth and healing. Sooner or later, you have to deal with what comes up.

These so-called “triggers” offer so much insight into where you’ve been wounded. When they are activated, however, the emotional upheaval can be difficult to navigate.

Couples counseling can prevent such meltdowns and increase your overall relationship satisfaction.

Whether your relationship is in crisis or you just want to deepen your intimacy, we’re excited to support you.

You’ll experience greater harmony, a better understanding of each other, honest communication, stronger sexual attraction, and much more fun.

Have you decided to go separate ways?

Following through with this decision can be hard. You’ve spent years with this person, and maybe even have a family together.

Conscious Uncoupling ensures that you do the necessary work of breaking up in a way that leaves you both feeling empowered, stable, and safe.

Learn more about Conscious Uncoupling here

Signature Counseling* Packages Tailored To Your Goals & Needs

A one-on-one setting allows you to have Dan and/or Aleah exclusively for yourself on your personal journey. Every session will focus on what you need in any given moment to let go of your psychological defenses and naturally build access to the deepest parts within yourself. Before you leave, nothing will be left unsaid, or unexplored, and the experience will have you held in pure unconditional love and presence – completely changing your life for the better. An immersion as such will spare you a lot of time in therapy and equip you with an incredible ability to get comfortable with uncomfortable feelings.

The Royal Path Phoenix


Great things require time and consistency. This powerful 3-months package will allow you to up level the way you relate in this world – to yourself, your partner and your purpose. Together, we’ll transform any residual fear, toxic shame, limitation or confusion. We’ll instill an updated set of values required of an integrated man who shows up with inspired action, and a strong mindset.

Step into the King you were always meant to be, and bring forth a level of consciousness that shows real leadership and emotional literacy and accountability.

What’s included:

  • 12 weekly intuitive counseling sessions (online or in person, 90-105 mins each); every session is tailored to your journey
  • Specific homework & exercises or practices that give you an idea of what to do next
  • In between session Whatsapp support as challenges will come up outside our official session space, and we will be right there with you
  • A signature welcome gift upon booking
  • An indepth intake questionnaire to prepare you for the journey ahead

*Counseling concentrates on the person’s past and deals with healing emotional pain. It is therefore geared towards understanding and resolving the past. Thereby, helping someone move forward and be able to reach their individual potential in life. Coaching focuses on the present and the future. We combine Counseling with Coaching for lasting positive transformation.


This powerful 5-days in-house intensive will allow for a never before experienced deep personal transformation. Together we’ll explore the root causes of your struggles and fears connected to childhood wounding. Our bottom-up approach enables you to transform your limiting beliefs for good. Your brain will create new neural pathways that will lead to the resolving of persistent negative patterns.

This week will set you up for a life with more emotional freedom and agency over your behavior and actions. You’ll stop seeking unconscious approval outside of yourself, and start owning your repressed anger in a mature way.

What’s included: 

  • 10 personal 2-hours intuitive counseling sessions (with Aleah in Italy or Dan in Germany); every session is tailored to your journey
  • The process is held in silence and includes homework, meditation, exercises and journaling practices in between sessions
  • Our undivided presence & support throughout our time together (also when challenges come up outside our official session space)
  • A 4 course private Royal welcome dinner specially cooked for you
  • An apartment with bathroom and kitchen in our private house where we will also be holding the sessions
  • A signature welcome gift upon booking
  • An indepth intake questionnaire to prepare you for the journey ahead

The Royal Path Signature Retreats

Retreats create a setting that allows you to dive into a group healing field where other people’s vulnerability and courage positively add to your journey. You will also get motivated by their stories, challenges and feelings that can feel activating, but also deeply inspiring and stimulating helping you to dive into the depth of your soul. It truly is an exceptional human experience to see other people sharing so authentically. It will naturally awaken a deep compassion and empathy towards them as well as yourself. Spend time with like-minded people and make new friends for life!

The Royal Path

The Royal Path

Our signature deep healing and personal growth retreat to release years of trauma in the safest and most natural way.

The Royal Couple

The Royal Couple

Our luxurious signature Couple’s retreat to deepen your relationship and reconnect with your partner.

The Queen

The Queen

A seven day deep dive into creating your Queendom with Aleah Ava & Team

The Royal Path Experience is an incredible journey, providing real personal development. I jumped into places where I had so much resistance, but I longed to jump there and I was guided in a natural way. I feel much more now and I have greater awareness about myself. Aleah and Dan are outstanding coaches.


3 Easy Steps To Liberation…


Schedule A Call

We invite you for a confidential and complimentary video call with either Aleah or Dan where we learn about your situation and your desired outcome. The call will already offer you great insight and will allow us both to feel into each other and understand if we are the right match to safely embark on a powerful healing and liberation journey together.


Receive Clarity

After our call you will know precisely what to expect when embarking on The Royal Path with us. You will learn about your possibilities that will support you best in your unique current situation. You will also receive a personalized offer to make an empowered decision that will have the lasting impact you desire.


Start Your Journey

If you say yes to a life-changing journey, you will receive our Royal Path intake questionnaire and a little surprise directly delivered to your doorstep. It is our heartfelt thank you for choosing us to start your adventure. If on the other hand it was not (yet) the right time for you, you are invited to make use of our free online resources to support you as much as we possibly can.

Who We Are

During the past 15 years, we’ve immersed ourselves on a life-changing (and royal!) path of personal growth and emotional healing and liberation.

We did it all, from tantra to therapy.

We spent years in intensive, one-on-one, Primal Therapy, Inner Child Work, and Original Pain Work. We dove head-long into exploring the ins and outs of conscious sexuality, tantra, and tantra therapy. 

Our shared journey also led us to family constellation work, as well as various forms of meditation and mindset-training.

In 2020 we have decided that as friends we want to create a sustainable business that will help awaken and heal humanity just a we did. 

Together, we bring you the treasures of our shared, lived experiences. We support men, women and couples in navigating their personal journey of healing and liberation.

We know that it’s something we all have to go through sooner or later. To grow. To evolve. To thrive.

We created The Royal Path because we believe that YOU are made for an epic life.

In truth, this journey toward greater joy, clarity, and fulfillment is an ongoing one. And we are *always* growing and learning with you. 

It’s our willingness to constantly dive deeper into the mysteries that enables us to elevate YOU further into an ever-expanding state of ease, clarity, joy and happiness.

Kick-Start Your Transformation Now With Our Free Ebook!

We have created a very special gift for you – a free ebook that entails an overview on the how and what when it comes to deep healing, emotional liberation and positive lasting change.

In the book we talk about the importance of doing the deeper inner healing work, what it is that we actually need to heal and how we are going to achieve that.

You will be introduced to our signature method called Emotional Recycling and you will learn to detect what spiritual bypassing means.

Healing is no longer optional and with us and our team you find people who have walked the talk. We know what it means and more importantly, we know what it takes to get you to the other end of the tunnel! Click on the link below and get your free copy today!


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